Divorce Process In South Africa: If you and your partner have decided on getting a divorce in South Africa, some of the common questions that come to mind are, how to file for a divorce in South Africa well believe me you are not amongst the first set of persons or couple who seem to be confused at first. But after taking your time to check through this blog post you would have all the answers to begin the process of your divorce including divorce lawyers.

How To File For A Divorce Process In South Africa

According to the divorce website by the government of South Africa stated on their official website that you are permitted for a divorce if you can prove the following;

  • If one of your spouses is mentally unstable or continually unconscious
  • If you and your spouse can no longer live together and there is no chance of an agreement or resolving the matter.
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After proving either of the listed above you are now qualified for a divorce. In South Africa getting a divorce is quite easy especially if both parties are in the momentum of child custody, bills, and other things that comes with having a divorce.

Have in mind that there are two types of divorce in South Africa, contested and uncontested divorce.

The uncontested divorce is the best for both parties as it usually takes only 4 weeks to finish up compared it to the contested which might take 2-3 years.

How Much Does A Divorce Cost In South Africa

Cost Of Divorce In South Africa

In a case whereby the couples have agreed to have the divorce, the cost goes around R7,0000. However, in a case scenario whereby the divorce is contested? then the price of the divorce would go exponentially high and this is the case for most divorce processes in South Africa.

Divorce Rate In South Africa

As of 2021, the divorce rate in South Africa was at 17.6%, where the stats showed that one in every five marriages are divorced, and according to the minister of interior, not all these separated couples actually followed the due divorce process in South Africa.