A Twitter user, Lolade Olayokun (@MC_Lohlastic) has released two video clips that show the confrontation and subsequent arrest of Don Chima, 25 and Razaq Oke, 28, who allegedly drugged, raped and filmed a 23-year-old girl at De Lankaster Hotel, Lekki Phase One.

The duo was arrested after the brother of the victim led policemen to the hotel.

Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Chike Oti confirming the story said,

“While at the club, they mixed the young woman’s drink with a substance that made her weak and almost unconscious.

“Satisfied that the drug was beginning to affect the lady, they quietly left the club with her to Dallankester Hotels in Lekki Phase one, owned by the father of one of the suspects named Don-Chima George. At the hotel, they took turns to rape her. As if that wasn’t enough, they videoed the abuse.”

In a rather interesting twist, the two suspects were allegedly released after the father of Don-Chima got involved in the case. Unconfirmed reports also claimed that he got the brother of the girl arrested.

The police authorities have however come out to refute this claim.

In protest of the apparent injustice, Nigerians quickly went to the Google Ratings page of the hotel and gave negative reviews which made the hotel’s rating drop from 4.7 stars to 1.8 stars. As of today, the negative comments have apparently been deleted by the hotel management.

Watch the videos of their arrest below:

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