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Q: Why are there only white boys?
A: Sadly you are right there are indeed mostly white boys in my videos and thats because my personal taste is white boys plus the fact that TikTok puts 99% of the time white boys on my FYP.. Only thing i can say to that is sorry but there are plenty of other good channels i would suggest checking them out if you dont like my videos

Q: Are you a racist?
A: No, Just because my personal taste are white boys doesnt means im a racist


Q: Who are you?
A: Im Alexis 17yo and im from the netherlands, My mom is spanish and my dad is dutch so im a mix of both part dutch part spanish 😇

Q: Do you make these videos just for money?
A: Alot of people might think that but no i indeed earn a bit through affiliate sales but that arent big numbers main reason why i started doing this is because i love making videos and really wanted to build a community of people that enjoy the same as i do ☺️