Top 10 Coffee Producing Countries in The World 2022: What are the world’s top coffee-producing countries? Coffee is mostly cultivated in certain places of the world, and one such location is known as the coffee belt, so named because it resembles a belt that circles the equator. Coffee is a world crop since the coffee belt spans Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Coffee-producing countries rely on coffee producers’ hard labor, resilience in the face of adversity, and attention to detail throughout harvest.

Producers rely on government agencies, cooperatives, and non-profit groups for infrastructure, assistance, and education.

Top 10 Coffee Producing Countries in The World 2022

  • Brazil (Annual output: 3,009 metric tons).
  • Vietnam (Annual output: 1,683 metric tons).
  • Colombia (Annual output: 885 metric tons).
  • Indonesia (Annual output: 760 metric tons).
  • Ethiopia (Annual output: 482 metric tons).
  • Honduras (Annual output: 476 metric tons).
  • Peru (Annual output: 363 metric tons).
  • India (Annual output: 319 metric tons).
  • Uganda (Annual output: 254 metric tons).
  • Guatemala (Annual output: 225 metric tons).
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