The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) has said its cleaners, security men will share in the expected $8million FIFA will pay Nigeria for qualifying for the 2018 Russia World Cup, Completesports reports

According to top officals who spoke to CompleteSports, all staff members of the federation will be included in the sharing formula, even as agreed on by the players, too.

One official is quoted as saying: “One of the best decisions we took with the players when we discussed the sharing formula for the FIFA money in Krasnodar penultimate Sunday before our famous 4-2 defeat of Argentina in an international friendly game was the inclusion of staff of the Federation as far as sharing the money is concerned,” revealed one of the officials who was at the meeting.

“Our decision was based on the fact that the top officials of the NFF do not alone make the NFF. Without the security men, we could not have felt secure enough to do our job. The same applies to the cleaners and others who work in the secretariat. It is like your company (referring to Complete Sports Editor) when you pay your end of year bonus do you limit it to the top management cadre alone?

“I am sure all the staff in your organisation will get something, no matter how small.That is the same thing we have done here because we want to recognise them for playing a part in Nigeria’s qualification for the World Cup.”

The NFF source, however, refused to reveal the percentage of the money the staff will get.

He said: “I can’t tell you that. But you know the players and their officials will get 30% of the money and they alone will decide on how they want to share it.”

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