Classic Forex Trader: Has been making a lot of moves in the forex scene in South Africa, and coming out of the blues its quite uncertain if he is a real forex trader or just a marketer of forex affiliate or bots, but if you are here out of curiosity probably you had plans to buy his bots and not sure if he is legit or not, then I would gladly say welcome to the right post.

Classic forex trader

Who Is Classic Forex Trader?

This is a question on the mind and heart of a lot of forex aspirants in South Africa, considering the fact that he just came to the industry recently and already making a lot of noise. After a lot of research, I was able to find the above youtube video that states a little into the life of Classic Forex Trader.

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Is Classic Forex Trader A Scam?

This fact is not yet stated as we at have not tested any of his products and this is not a classic forex trader review but according to a few testimonials on his page, it seems he’s actually doing something. But for any fact, you have had experience with him kindly write in the comment section below.

Classic Forex Trader Biography

Classic Forex Trader is a 22-year-old forex trader and marketer, although his real name has not been revealed to the public which has sparked some speculation that he is a scam, he is the creator of the “Fx Talking Bot” and the owner of the classic forex trader telegram which was the trend of the year 2021 and also towards the end of 2021 and to the beginning of 2022 is also selling a new bot called the “Sophia 2.0” which is also trading bot, which according to him relieves the stress of trading and can automate trading.

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How Old Is Classic Forex Trader?

Classic Forex Trader is a 22 years old man who lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Classic Forex Trader Net Worth.

Although we don’t have an actual figure from classic forex trader sophia sales and other income streams he is estimated to have a net worth of over $700,000 as of 2021.

Classic Forex Trader Cars

After two years in trading, he has a BMW i8 which is his latest, and BMW GT, and a Mercedes Benz.

Classic forex trader robot

Classic forex trader is very active on his robot sophia 2.0 forex robot and there has been a wild claim that it is one of the best trading robots out there.