Former Chelsea’s Technical Director, Michael Emenalo, has broken his silence over his exit from the club.

Emenalo, who left Chelsea after a 10-year work in the club, left people wondering why he left for the French club, Monaco.

Speaking to Talk Sports, he said: “The first thing to make clear is that Chelsea Football Club is built on the premise that it can survive without any particular individual or group of individuals.”

“It’s a club that is very solid and stable, so, me [sic] leaving or anybody’s leading will not affect anything that happens at the club, at least so I hope, and I think was a part of the aspect of the policy.

“Nothing happened. I had a wonderful 10 years at Chelsea, with positive pressure and a lot of things that happened.

“I just felt that things were in place and things looked very solid and very stable and I needed a new challenge.

“When you’ve been at a place for so long, I haven’t really had a chance to step out and breathe and see what’s out there.

“I have been very focused on everything Chelsea and it just came to a time, right bang on ten years, where I felt it was time for me to go and do something else.”

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