The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has announced the introduction of literacy programme into Secondary Schools Curriculum across the country.

This was disclosed by the CBN Director, Consumer Protection Department, Mr. Kofo Abdulsalam-Alada, during the school mentoring programme held at the Victory College in Ikare-Akoko, Ondo State. He further said the programme was designed to give students the needed knowledge on savings and other investment.

According to him, the programme was put together by the CBN in collaboration with Nigeria Education Research Development Council (NERDC) for Secondary school students in commemoration of the World Savings Day.

He said: “We have a collaboration with Nigeria Education Research Development Council (NERDC) in designing a curriculum that will ensure that financial literacy is actually infused into subjects that are being taught in secondary schools in Nigeria.

“Series of the workshop had been done, pilot testing of some of the design programmes has been carried out in Lagos.

“Within this school calendar year infusion into the system should commence in subjects like  Accounting, Economics, and commerce in order to give the children knowledge about savings, other forms of investment. It is not when they get to the university they start learning about financial literacy.

“We have some graduates out there who do not have financial literacy. You might get money, but if you don’t have the management of these funds, you might have a problem with spending. That is why CBN decided to introduce this programme to catch these children young.”

Abdulsalam-Alada also urged the pupils to imbibe the habit of saving money in order to meet their future and emergency needs.

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