It’s crystal clear that Cardi B is really enjoying her motherhood. While she isn’t quite even ready to show off her daughter Kulture’s face, she did give fans a tiny glimpse of the baby.

The Bronx-bred rapper took to her Instagram to post the sweet shot of Kulture’s little hands with an equally heart-warming caption that read, “I needed a girl like you.” Cardi welcomed Kulture her first child with husband Offset, on July 10.


Kulture’s Instagram debut follows Cardi’s appearance at the 2018 VMA’s where she opened the awards ceremony with a prank. The new mom appeared on stage, holding what appeared to be Kulture swaddled in a red blanket. Instead, the “baby” turned out to be a moon man statue.

On one hand, for someone like Cardi, who’s a bit of open book on social media, it’s interesting that’s she’s chosen to keep Kulture off of the ‘gram. On the flipside, though, it’s totally understandable that she’d want to enjoy as much private time with her new family as she can before letting the rest of the world in.

While she hasn’t been forthcoming with photos, Cardi has been very upfront about what it’s like to be a young mother. a few words, “really hard to explain,” but rewarding nonetheless. “It’s beautiful how fast mother instinct kicks in,” she tweeted to a fan. “I never want to leave my baby side.”

In late August, she did leave Kulture’s side, briefly, to perform ‘’MotorSport’’ alongside Migos during their Madison Square Garden show. Later she shared how nervous she was about hitting the stage for the first time since giving birth.

“The stage was shaking,” Cardi tweeted.

Nerves and lack of photos aside, it’s clear that Cardi is living her best life with Offset and baby Kulture. But let’s hope she starts posting videos of Kulture soon because I’m dying to know if her first word will be “schmoney.”

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