There’s a mixed feeling about this trend. Some Nigerians are happy that Trump allegedly called Buhari ‘lifeless’. It was reported that after having a meeting with him, Trump said he doesn’t want to meet someone as lifeless as Buhari again… One user tweeted, “Buhari went abroad to call us criminals and lazy. So, if Trump calls him lifeless, nothing spoil…” Another said that “If the leader of the Free World can’t stand @MBuhari and believes that he is absolutely ‘lifeless’, can Nigeria expect any cooperation from the West with Buhari in charge. We need an assertive leader who can look Trump in the eye and say NO! Buhari is not that leader…”

Other tweets were in defence of Buhari though.


People are tweeting about their country today because a lot is really happening today… So, there’s this mixed feeling about Nigerians reacting to many things…This is Nigeria, where there’s a rainmaker in Nigeria. Nigerian Meteorological Agency said nobody can control the weather. So, Is this jazz? Do you believe in rainmakers? People are really tweeting about it… Another user tweeted that, Theresa May (British Prime Minister) is coming to Nigeria this week to promote British trade and interests. I hope our government will stand up to her and her delegation and make serious demands too. Trade has to be mutually beneficial for both nations… Some twitter user too is seriously asking the government what they will do about what Trump said about the president…


President of United States is trending due to Senator McCain’s death and funeral. Americans are not happy about Trump’s reaction to McCain’s death. One user said that, “If Putin passed away, Trump will take down the American flag off the White House, put up the Russian flag instead and fly it at half-mast” Another user tweeted, “Dear #SecDef: You served on active duty. As a nation mourns McCain, it would be appropriate to lower the flag to half-staff at all @DeptofDefense buildings. I respectfully request you give that order, regardless of the views of @realDonaldTrump. It is the honourable thing to do.”


This has been trending for a while now because it’s a nice jam by popular African bad girl Tiwa savage, and Duncan mighty, so it’s a goal and it’s still trending as Nigerians are loving it each day… Some users are choosing lova lova over other new music that are just released… Some said they prefer lova lova to be in their top five, unlike some newly released music.


This trend is about Simi, the music artist who has landed an acting role in Nollywood.  Nigerians on Twitter are not surprised because they believed everything in Nigeria is about connections… Some Nigerians are tweeting that they need some connections too because they can act better than Simi


Janet Jackson’s new song “Made for now” is trending as people are tweeting about it… One user said, Janet Jackson and daddy Yankee!!! Their collaboration is amazing! “Made for now…. not tomorrow… Another said, “you know how daddy Yankee starts Made For Now by saying “Janet Jackson! Iconic!” and doesn’t name drop himself at all just counts down and lets her break the rhythm in. anyway, all songs should start that way. even ones she’s not on” Another user tweeted that Ms Jackson is riding high after releasing her new single “Made for Now” with Daddy Yankee which just hit 20 million streams and her successful State of the World tour. Janet Jackson is #BlackGirlMagic & is ‘The Rock Star’! #BlackGirlsRock!


This trend is about the newspaper that did the report of Trump referring to Buhari as lifeless. One tweet on the report goes like this:

Trump’s meeting with Buhari in April 2018 was reportedly not a success David Pilling reveals in an explosive Financial Times article. Trump said after the meeting with Buhari, he was not ready to meet someone so lifeless as Buhari again. Ha-ha! Now the truth has come out. Makes one laugh, especially when one remembers the fake pro-Buhari Trump quotes that his social media aide fabricated. Trump calls Buhari ‘lifeless’, says he never wants to meet him again — Financial Times

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