BountyBox.Vip Review: This article will discuss BountyBox.Vip and point out if the platform is legit or a scam. BountyBox.Vip is a South African-based earning application that accords users the opportunity to earn from the platform.

BountyBox.Vip Review: Is BountyBox.Vip Legit or a Scam

How Does BountyBox.Vip Works? The BountyBox.Vip Review


For a user to earn on the BountyBox.Vip platform, you will have to register with them. Once you register on the platform, they will reward you with a welcome bonus of R20, which at first, you won’t be able to withdraw. You can start earning on the BountyBox.Vip platform by performing daily orders on the platform and receiving different commissions. But for you to access all of these, you would need to register on the platforms.


BountyBox.Vip Referral Commission


Inviting your colleagues, family, and friends to join the BountyBox.Vip platform using your link is a positive way of bettering your earning from this platform. Once someone registers on the platform using your referral link, you get to earn a bonus of R20 from the platform for every person you register. You can also bolster your earnings by publicizing your referral link to various social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, amongst others.

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BountyBox.Vip Withdrawal/Minimum Withdrawal Amount


A user can request a withdrawal on the BountyBox.Vip platform once the minimum withdrawal amount of R50 is reached. Once you request for withdrawal and fill out your bank details, you will get an immediate payment to your bank account.


Is BountyBox.Vip Legit?


BountyBox.Vip cannot be described as a legit platform for now; the platform is newly launched and has not been around for a long time. So engaging with the platform will be at one’s expense as there is no confirming information about its legit status. The only advice is to invest what they can afford to lose in case of any occurrences.



Is BountyBox.Vip Scam?


BountyBox.Vip cannot be described as a scam because the platform is quite new at the moment. Also, there is no information or complaints regarding scams or hacks on the platform. They have been some red flags regarding the platform as its owner/founder is still yet to be revealed as this is a strategy used by scammers.

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BountyBox.Vip is another investment platform that gives users and members the ability to earn. The platform has a fixed policy of rewarding its users with various daily incomes for activities performed. We cannot ascertain if the platform is legit or a scam. It is advisable that you research, get confirming information, and invest what you can afford to lose. We hope this article will help you decide on investing in the platform. For all your views and opinions, drop us a message in our comment section.