Bola Tinubu Biography

Tinubu, whose real name is Ahmed Bola, is a Nigerian politician. Tinubu was born on March 29, 1952, in the Nigerian state of Lagos. As a child, he began his elementary school education at Saint John’s Primary School in Ibadan, and then transferred to Children’s Home School in Ibadan, where he received his SSCE certificate.

His mother, according to legend, was the Iyaloja of Lagos State at the time of his birth. Following his graduation from high school, Tinubu moved to the United States, where he studied accounting at Richard J. Daley College in Chicago, Illinois, where he earned a bachelor of science degree in 1979.

He had previously indicated that he had sold his uncle’s Volkswagen, as well as all of his mother’s possessions, in order to send him overseas to complete his education

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While studying overseas, he worked at a variety of occupations to supplement his income. After graduating as one of the top accounting students in his class, he was given a scholarship and was also offered a position as a tutor in the accounting department at his school. He accepted the position.

Because of his outstanding academic record, he received several employment offers from a variety of companies.

Bola Tinubu is one of the greatest when it comes to accounting tasks, which is why he is considered to be one of Nigeria’s most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Bola Tinubu Net worth according to Forbes

Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s net worth is estimated to be around $33 billion as of today. He made his money as a politician, a businessman, and an accountant, among other things. Tinubu is considered to be one of Nigeria’s most powerful individuals.

Is Tinubu Alive?

Ahmed Bola Tinubu, according to the information in our database, is very much alive and healthy at this time.

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Tinubu Net worth

Tinubu’s net worth is estimated to be around $33 billion dollars as of now. He is one of Nigeria’s wealthiest and most powerful politicians, with a net worth of $1 billion.