What Is Logistics?

The term “logistics” refers to the overall process of controlling how resources are purchased, stored, and delivered to their final destination.

The process of identifying potential distributors and suppliers, as well as evaluating their effectiveness and accessibility, is a component of logistics management. Logistics managers are referred to as logisticians in some circles.

It was originally a military term that referred to the methods through which military personnel acquired, stored, and delivered equipment and supplies to their respective units.

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When describing how resources are managed and transferred along the supply chain, the phrase is becoming increasingly used in business, particularly among organizations in the industrial industry.

15 Best Logistics Companies In South Africa 2022

1. Transnet

2. Onelogix Group

3. GMA Logistics (Pty) Ltd

4. CFR Freight SA (Pty) Ltd – Johannesburg

5. Imperial Logistics


7. Laser Logistics Pty (Ltd)

8. Interlogix

9. NATCO Logistics (Pty) Ltd

10. Octo-Logistics

11. Monteagle Logistics Limited

12. Crossroads Distribution (Pty) Ltd

13. Kaiser Bill

14. Savino Del Bene South Africa

15. Value Logistics