The romantic drama going on between Tobi and Cee-C on the popular reality show Big Brother Naija has taken a new turn.

Controversial housemate, Cee-C having been in the house for eighteen days and her timeless curvings and denials to her partner Tobi, she has finally admitted her love for him.

Cee-c voiced out her love for Tobi while having a conversation with her chained housemate Lolu. She went as far as saying she’s been jealous since Tobi was paired with another woman (Bam Bam) and its been really difficult for her to deal with.

She confessed, “Tobi if you are hearing me, I miss you, I miss your love and the way you take care of me. Thank you for daring to take care of me, I will never stop loving you”.

Meanwhile, Cee-C has once refused Tobi’s love advance towards her with scorn.

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