Once upon a time, making moulds and jelly from all kinds of foods was a fun way to tell your guests that you had time to cook. Even guacamole was turned into a mould and our avocado mousse can actually be quite a fun party starter. As the weekend of feasts starts on Heritage Day this weekend, make something different for the snack table. It’s a fun recipe that looks good and tastes even better.

Avocado mousse suggestions

Even though the recipe contains gelatin, you are free to leave this part of the method out of your preparation. Doing this while also using cream and mayonnaise alternatives, turns this back into a vegetarian and vegan-friendly snack. Make it spicy with some chilies which can go with the garnish or into the mixture. Serve with toasted or fresh bread alongside butter, cheese and other great snack toppings.

Add some green to your South African Heritage Day snack table. Our avocado mousse recipe is an old-school gaucamole variation.

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