The average salary in South Africa is R 23 526 per month before taxes (or R 282 312 per year).

Average Salary in South Africa Per Month

The average salary in South Africa is 21600.00 ZAR/Month in 2022

Employees in South Africa earn on average roughly 31,100 ZAR per month, according to the country’s labor statistics. Salaries vary from 7,880 ZAR (the lowest average) to 139,000 ZAR (the highest average) (highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher).

This figure represents the average monthly pay, which includes accommodation, transportation, and other perks, on a monthly basis. Salaries for various occupations might be dramatically different. If you are interested in the pay of a specific job title, you may find it listed below along with other compensation information.

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Salary Structures in South Africa

Engineers in the Civil Engineering Field Are Paid The monthly salary of R 50 480 is 115 percent greater than the national average income. For a chartered accountant, the monthly salary is R 43 550 (plus 85 percent). The compensation of a pharmacist is R 42 040 per month, which represents a 79 percent increase over the previous year. For a software developer, the salary is R 40 654 per month (a 73 percent increase over the previous year). A mechanical Engineer is a professional who works in the mechanical field. R 29 140/month +24 percent R 29 140/month +24 percent R 29 140/month +24 percent A teacher’s salary is R 21 510 each month. Boilermaker The monthly salary of R 17 680 has decreased by 9%. R 16 154 per month for an electrician (minus 25 percent) -31 percent of the total R 15 363/month (R 15 363/month -35 percent) Social Worker R 15 363/month Graphic Designer R 11 930/month R 11 930/month R 11 930/month R 11 930/month R 11 930/month

List of careers with the highest salaries In South Africa

1. Surgeons / Doctors

Salary Range: from 60,200 ZAR to 177,000 ZAR

2. Judges

Salary Range: from 50,600 ZAR to 149,000 ZAR

3. Lawyers

Salary Range: from 41,000 ZAR to 121,000 ZAR

4. Bank Managers

Salary Range: from 38,600 ZAR to 113,000 ZAR

5. Chief Executive Officers

Salary Range: from 36,100 ZAR to 106,000 ZAR

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6. Chief Financial Officers

Salary Range: from 33,700 ZAR to 99,300 ZAR

7. Orthodontists

Salary Range: from 32,500 ZAR to 95,700 ZAR

8. College Professors

Salary Range: from 28,900 ZAR to 85,100 ZAR

9. Pilots

Salary Range: from 24,100 ZAR to 70,900 ZAR

10. Marketing Directors

Salary Range: from 21,700 ZAR to 63,800 ZAR

Highest Paying Jobs in Finance and Accounting In South Africa

  1. Finance Director(64,400 ZAR)
  2. Financial Manager(61,200 ZAR)
  3. Investment Advisor(58,400 ZAR)
  4. Risk Management Director(52,400 ZAR)
  5. Economist(51,000 ZAR)
  6. Tax Director(50,500 ZAR)
  7. Audit Director(50,000 ZAR)
  8. Investment Fund Manager(48,700 ZAR)
  9. Accounting Manager(46,300 ZAR)
  10. Auditing Manager(45,400 ZAR)

Highest Paying Jobs in Business Administration In South Africa

  1. Chief Executive Officer(69,500 ZAR)
  2. Chairman of The Board(67,600 ZAR)
  3. Chief Financial Officer(63,900 ZAR)
  4. Regional Director(61,900 ZAR)
  5. Executive Manager(56,400 ZAR)
  6. Chief Corporate Officer(56,000 ZAR)
  7. Managing Director(55,600 ZAR)
  8. General Manager(54,100 ZAR)
  9. Risk and Capital Manager(52,500 ZAR)
  10. Chief Operating Officer(52,100 ZAR)

Highest Paying Jobs in Advertising In South Africa

  1. Advertising Sales Director(53,300 ZAR)
  2. Events Director(51,900 ZAR)
  3. Advertising Manager(49,600 ZAR)
  4. Product and Brand Manager(48,700 ZAR)
  5. Sales Promotion Manager(48,200 ZAR)
  6. Media Production Manager(41,700 ZAR)
  7. Media Sales Executive(39,900 ZAR)
  8. Social Media Manager(39,400 ZAR)
  9. Digital Media Strategist(38,000 ZAR)
  10. Advertising Account Manager(37,100 ZAR)
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Highest Paying Jobs in Architecture In South Africa

  1. Architectural Manager(55,600 ZAR)
  2. Architecture Consultant(53,300 ZAR)
  3. Assistant Architectural Manager(52,400 ZAR)
  4. Facilities and Project Manager(51,000 ZAR)
  5. Design Manager(50,000 ZAR)
  6. Landscape Architect(43,100 ZAR)
  7. Architecture Estimating Manager(41,700 ZAR)
  8. Architect(37,100 ZAR)
  9. Architectural Designer(35,200 ZAR)
  10. CAD Manager(34,800 ZAR)

Highest Paying Jobs in Automotive / Car Industry In South Africa

  1. Regional Manager(60,200 ZAR)
  2. Automotive General Manager(57,900 ZAR)
  3. Automotive Branch Manager(48,700 ZAR)
  4. Automotive Purchase Manager(45,400 ZAR)
  5. Purchasing Project Manager(43,100 ZAR)
  6. Automotive Project Manager(41,200 ZAR)
  7. Auto Parts Manager(39,400 ZAR)
  8. Automotive Assembly Manager(36,100 ZAR)
  9. Service Manager(34,800 ZAR)
  10. Used Car Manager(31,000 ZAR)

Highest Paying Jobs in Aviation In South Africa

  1. Aviation Manager(64,900 ZAR)
  2. Airport Services Manager(63,900 ZAR)
  3. Airlines Sales Director(62,600 ZAR)
  4. Aviation Safety Manager(60,200 ZAR)
  5. Chief Pilot(55,600 ZAR)
  6. Aircraft Pilot(53,300 ZAR)
  7. Fleet Controller(50,000 ZAR)
  8. Airfield Management Specialist(47,700 ZAR)
  9. Aviation Analyst(41,700 ZAR)
  10. Aerospace Engineer(39,400 ZAR)

Highest Paying Jobs in Banking In South Africa

  1. International Banking Manager(69,500 ZAR)
  2. Group Branch Manager(68,600 ZAR)
  3. Bank Regional Manager(67,700 ZAR)
  4. Bank Operations Head(66,300 ZAR)
  5. Capital Risk Manager(64,400 ZAR)
  6. Credit Portfolio Manager(63,500 ZAR)
  7. Internal Bank Audit Manager(61,900 ZAR)
  8. Cash Management Manager(59,500 ZAR)
  9. Online Banking Manager(56,800 ZAR)
  10. Mortgage Operations Manager(55,600 ZAR)