TV host Piers Morgan is such a big Arsenal fan that he was willing to replace former manager Arsene Wenger with Donald Trump because he’d build a “strong defensive wall”.

But on Wednesday night (December 19), after Arsenal lost 2-0 to bitter local rivals Tottenham Hotspur in the Carabao Cup quarter-final, Piers was forced to do the one thing every Arsenal fan live in fear of. Well, other than seeing Tottenham win the title, that is.

Followingthe game, the Good Morning Britain presenter had the job of conducting the draw for the next round live on Sky Sports…while wearing an actual Tottenham shirt.

Piers was made to wear the top after losing a bet over who would win the North London derby with ex-Spurs striker Peter Crouch, who was alongside him for the draw.

The loser also had to donate £1,000 to charity.

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