19-year-old Matthew Olosunde is one of numerous young footballers who has enjoyed a loving guidance in actualizing his cherished career in sports. In spite of the fact that he is a Nigerian, and an African, he got favorable attention of his white coaches, who have devoted enormous time to his rising to stardom.

Olosunde has been raised in Trenton, the capital city of New Jersey in the United States. Once described by the slogan ‘Trenton Makes the World Takes’, adopted in 1917, the city has made name for itself by virtue of what it produced in its old glorious days. Not known to have produced a football youngster, Trenton’s mainstay has been the manufacturing of rubber, wire rope, ceramics and cigarette, but Olosunde has indeed turned the history around for the city, as one which has more to offer the world in terms of football.

Matthew Olosunde’s recent emergence as a promising football star has been described in a Manchester Evening News as capable of “giving hope to thousands of inner kids dreaming of a better life in a city where 27 percent of residents live below the poverty line”.

Olosunde’s rise to stardom is credited to the combined roles played by his coach, Stoyan Pompalov, who taught him since the age of seven, Rider University head coach, Charlie Inverso, and his parents (Peter and Winnie), all did produced a functional Olosunde.

Combining sports and academics for youngsters like Olosunde has not been a sustainable practice for some, especially in Africa, which also has lots of talents but who could not find their way round their challenges. Thanks to the synergy existing among this young chap’s parents and coaches, who did make the herculean task bearable and surmountable for him.

Matthew Olosunde’s debut for his club, Manchester in the last league game of the season against Crystal Palace, and his touring with the first team for their matches against Arsenal and Tottenhan has shown him what obtains in the Red Devil’s team. Sooner, he can be a regular feature in the first team.

Olosunde Joined Manchester United in January 2016 and one of his childhood Coaches, Iverso says this about him:

“As much as we knew he would be a great player I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that this is a little bit of a dream for those who know Matt,”

“I mean this isn’t just any European team – it’s Manchester United. Not everyone in America knows soccer but everyone knows Manchester United. Matt is already a great player but his ceiling is high.

“I saw him and his parents during Christmas vacation and told him that he is hopefully going to be a pioneer for thousands of American inner city kids who wouldn’t get the chance to play soccer to now experience the beautiful game.”

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