Ama 2000 may be coming in with a new energy of confidence and vibes in their ‘world of teens’ but their seniors don’t seem to be ready.

Ama 2000 are breaking barriers and norms every day from how they communicate, party, make moves and dress up.

While a lot can be accepted, the alluring dress code still seems to be abnormal to some seniors.

This was proven when a young lady, believed to be a 2k, left jaws-dropping and gained instant fame at a shopping centre due to her alluring dress code.


Long pink braids, dressed in a crop top and really tight demin bum short, the lady with tattoos on her thighs grabbed the attention of patrons who eventually followed her around while chuckling and taking snaps and videos of her.

Young lady becomes an instant celeb because of her dress code.

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The carefree woman, who seemingly did not mind the drama, even posed with some strangers for photo opportunities.

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The young lady was followed outside the shopping centre because of her outfit.

It is unclear at which shopping centre this dramatic scene took place, but a photograph from the parking lot kind of suggested the scene unravelled in Limpopo, judging by the number plate/s of the cars.

Do you think the attention was inappropriate? (Share your views).


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