What is the available African bank loan for blacklisted people is a common question around and Newsbreakers attempt to answer that. There are certain laid down rules for banking and borrowing in South Africa. To avoid putting their clients and citizens into a huge debt that they will be unable to pay, African Bank just like the other authorized banks in South Africa have their procedures for determining if you’re eligible for a loan.

It is often asked if blacklisted people can get a loan at African Bank by individuals with bad credit scores. They mostly want to know if there is a chance for them to apply for a loan with a standard bank to help ease their financial burden.

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What Does it Mean to be Blacklisted?

Being blacklisted is a term that means it is regarded to be risky to lend money to you. Unlike some assumptions that it is a long list of debtors, you can’t find a list of such in South Africa. Nerdville’s finance section is a helpful one if you are South African.

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Being blacklisted leaves you with a low credit score, making it almost impossible to borrow money. This happens if you have an outstanding debt in the past that you have refused or are unable to pay back which goes against the credit regulations and affects your credit records.

It is visible to the banks and credits providers if you have a bad credit record as they have access to your credits record. 

Is There an African Bank Loan For Blacklisted Individuals?

African Bank Loan for Blacklisted

Talking about an African Bank loan for blacklisted people, unfortunately, there are no African Bank loan options for blacklisted people.  African Banks make use of the South African lending rules therefore they operate strictly and follow the right procedure.

Their clients however can apply for the flexible term loan which gives them access to borrow money in the range of R250,000 Which can be prepared within 7 to 72 months. It doesn’t take more than 4 minutes to know if you’re eligible for this loan so you can still try if you don’t know your credit score.

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