Bonsue Fuji creator, Adewale Ayuba, popularly known as Mr. Johnson, has called on Nigerian Youths to avoid being used as political bigots in the forthcoming general election.

The Fuji singer made this call while speaking with News Agency in Lagos on Friday.

Speaking with newsmen, the Fuji legend said youths participate in such political activities due to the economic state on the nation.

He, therefore, urged youths to think more of being a responsible citizen and embrace available skills capable of rendering them reliant adding youths who engage in such derogatory act demean themselves, forgetting they could also attain such offices in the future.

He said; “When we engage in election manipulation, aside from the fact that we tarnish our integrity, it is a sin against the country and Almighty God.

“We should all remember that we can also aspire to hold such positions, rather than being political thugs and instruments of confusion.

“We must all guard our integrity and be responsible citizens so as to have a sane and peaceful election,” he added.

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