The Newsbreakers Team recently had an editorial interview with the CEO of The Adebanjo Media, Mr. David Adebanjo. and here’s how it went.

Adebanjo Media to join Metaverse

Recently the social media giant Facebook announced their final decision on the company joining the Metaverse. Although the Metaverse is still in its early stage according to experts this is the right time to join the train before it leaves.

The Nigerian Media startup Adebanjo Media in a press statement announced that it would be joining the Metavarese, According to the CEO who spoke with news correspondents, He said “as a company, we would not like to miss out on the next big thing” we are looking to explore how the Metaverse can positively impact the blogosphere and see a future of exciting opportunities. More to come in the following months, these was the exact words from David Adebanjo

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