A suspect riding on a moped in east London release acid on people in 5 different attacks, the London police said while looking for witnesses and more information. Four of the attacks took place in the London Borough of Hackey, and the other one in Islington. The police said there is a link in the 5 incidents which took place within 70mins.

A teenage male has been arrested in connection the crime. He is presently in the custody of an east London police station.

All 5 victims have been taken to the hospital, where one victim’s facial injuries has been described as life-threatening. Other three victims’ injuries are not life threatening but the police are still looking forward for a report on the last victim.

How the attacks unfolded

10:25 p.m.: Man suffers facial injury, Hackney Road

10:49 p.m.: Man sprayed in face, Highbury Corner

11:05 p.m.: Man attacked on Shoreditch High Street

11:18 p.m.: Man suffers ‘life-changing’ injury, Cazenove Road

11:37 p.m.: Man sprayed in face, Chatsworth Road

Was motive robbery?

Victims reported that while in their vehicles, in the first and fourth attacks, a moped carrying two males stopped near their vehicle and throw a corrosive substance into their faces. And one of the attackers took their vehicle while the other rode the moped.

Attacks on the rise

Acid attack started in London since 2014 where there has been 166 filed accident increasing to 261 in 2015 and 454 in 2016, the Metropolitan Police Service reported. Corrosive substances are very easy to purchase in local store around London.

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