Presidential candidate for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar has reiterated his promise to concede 40 per cent of appointments to youths if elected as the president in theforthcoming general election.

Atiku stated this in Lagos during a youth town hall meeting where he declared that his administration would focus on job creation andinfrastructure development.

Speaking at the meeting, he stressed that the youths must be given the opportunity to serve and develop their leadershipskills adding that’s the best way to get themready for the task ahead.

He also stressed that his government would bequeath a good future to the youths who are the future of the country.

In his words; “I am making this promise that 40 per cent of appointments in my government will be youth. It is a promise. I will not break it. My Minister of Youth Development will be younger than 30 years.

“Therefore, if you are younger than 30 years, you can bring your CV. This is simply because the youths are the futureof this country. We will build a good future for the country through them.

“We are here because of your future. I have four children but only one is working for government while the rest are working for me in my various companies.”

“In most industrialised countries, it is the private sector that creates jobs. How do they do that? They lower the tax rate.

“If you issue lower tax rates to most companies, they will create jobs. These are the types of incentives you offer the private sector so that they will be able to create jobs.

“I know about creation of jobs and I understand the dynamics of stable and focused economies. As it is, the present administration has no economist. That is what you get in such a situation,” he added.

Peter Obi also noted that the Federal Government’s TraderMoni programme was not impacting adding that the country is experiencing a lot of hardship every day.

He said: “They are giving market traders N10,000 for their businesses. I don’t know anywhere in the worldsuch exists.

“It is called vote-buying. If you go to anywhere in the world, such is non-existent. The country is experiencing a lot of hardship every day and we continue this way.”

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