At least 20 children were injured at an elementary school in China’s capital Beijing following a recent attack in the school.

This was made known by the local authorities after the state-run media reported that the assailant used a hammer.

According to report, the attack took place in a district called Xicheng in the Beijing and the male suspect was arrested by the police.

In a Twitter post, the state-run tabloid Global Times tweeted the suspects used a hammer to carry out the assault without stating how and why the man carried out the attack.

The Xicheng district government said that three of the children injured in the attack were heavily hurt and are hospitalized.

The Xicheng government did not give other details of the attack, but posts on social media said the children suffered hammer wounds to the head.

Violent attacks targeting schoolchildren are not uncommon in China, which has seen a slew of deadly incidents over the past few years, usually involving knives.

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