Officials reported that at least 16 people were killed by a bus carrying construction workers which drove off a pier in southern Russia on Friday.

The investigative Committee said the bus was carrying workers who were building a pier for an oil company on the Black Sea coast not far from Crimea.

There were several changes on the amount of people that were drove into the sea by the bus by the officials. The Emergency Situations Ministry reported by noon that 41 people were in the bus- the 16 people killed in addition to 24 others who were rescued by divers and one man who was still missing.

The officials also stated that 8 of the people are in the hospital, 5 of them in serious condition

It was pointed out by the local officials that their bus drove into the sea as a result of faulty brakes which the investigators didn’t state immediately. The town hall of the Temryuk district was quoted by the Tass news agency, as saying that the bus drove along the pier for nearly a quarter of a mile before the brakes failed.

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