Tyga’s almost four year old son, King, has already started using curse words including f**k and B**ch. Over the weekend, his mum Blac Chyna posted a video of Rob Kardashian correcting King for using curse words around the house. Speaking about the foul language his young son has picked up, Tyga recalled getting a phone call from his pre-school teacher.

“King had an incident at school. They called me and it was like, ‘Your son, he’s walking around saying the b-word.’” he told Hollywood Today Live in a recent interview


“And I was like, ‘Where did he hear that?’ And the school was like, well, he told them, ‘My dad says it in the studio.’”

“I try to keep him out of the studio and I try not to play songs while he’s around, because he does stuff like that but, you know, it happens.”

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