1483 Mar 28 Raphael, painter (School of Athens), was born in Urbino, Italy.
1673 Mar 28 Adam Pijnacker (51), Dutch landscape painter, etcher, was buried.
1797 Mar 28 Nathaniel Briggs of New Hampshire patented a washing machine.
1821 Mar 28 Greek Independence Day celebrates the liberation of Southern Greece from Turkish domination.
1837 Mar 28 Felix Mendelssohn married Cecile Jeanrenaud.
1845 Mar 28 Mexico dropped diplomatic relations with US.
1862 Mar 28 US Civil War skirmish at Bealeton Station, Virginia.
1908 Mar 28 Automobile owners lobbied Congress, supporting a bill that called for vehicle licensing and federal registration.
1917 Mar 28 Jews were expelled from Tel Aviv and Jaffa by Turkish authorities.
1927 Mar 28 Karl Prohaska (57), composer, died.
1930 Mar 28 The names of the Turkish cities of Constantinople and Angora were changed to Istanbul and Ankara.
1933 Mar 28 Nazis ordered a ban on all Jews in businesses, professions and schools.
1935 Mar 28 Goddard used gyroscopes to control a rocket.
1942 Mar 28 Samuel Ramey, bass (La Scala, Met Opera), was born in Colby, Kansas.
1953 Mar 28 In the 7th Tony Awards: Crucible and Wonderful Town won.
1955 Mar 28 John Marshall Harlan was sworn in to the U.S. Supreme Court.
1960 Mar 28 In Glasgow, Scotland, a factory exploded burying 20 fire fighters.
1962 Mar 28 The U.S. Air Force announced research into the use of lasers to intercept missiles and satellites.
1964 Mar 28 Much of Crescent City, Ca., was demolished early today by a tsunami generated from the 8.6 earthquake that hit Valdez, Alaska. 11 people were killed.
1968 Mar 28 The U.S. lost its first aircraft in Vietnam. An F-111 vanished in a combat mission over North Vietnam. Republic Aircraft’s F-105 Thunderchief, better known as the ‘Thud,’ was the Air Force’s war-horse in Vietnam.
1971 Mar 28 CBS aired the final broadcast of its Ed Sullivan Show. Reruns and pre-emptions aired in that time slot throughout the following April and May, and in June, CBS announced that The Ed Sullivan Show had been cancelled.
1977 Mar 28 In the 49th Academy Awards “Rocky,” Peter Finch and Faye Dunaway won.
1984 Mar 28 Zoe, the 1st frozen-embryo child, was born in Melbourne, Australia. Scientists reported the birth 2 weeks later.
1986 Mar 28 The U.S. Senate passed a $100 million aid package for the Nicaraguan contras.
1988 Mar 28 Richard Gephardt ended his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, following his third-place finish in the Michigan caucuses.
1990 Mar 28 Jesse Owens (1913-1980) was awarded (posthumously) the Congressional Gold Medal from President George Bush.
1991 Mar 28 Former President Reagan declared his support for the so-called “Brady Bill” requiring a seven-day waiting period for handgun purchases.
1993 Mar 28 Francisco Garcia Diaz discovered a type II supernova in M81 (NGC 3031).
1994 Mar 28 In Johannesburg, South Africa, ANC guards killed more than 50 people in violence that erupted during a march by Zulu nationalists.
1996 Mar 28 Congress passed the line-item veto, giving the president power to cut government spending by scrapping specific programs.
1997 Mar 28 Robert Pinsky (56) of Boston Univ. was named poet laureate of the United States by the Library of Congress.
1998 Mar 28 President Clinton, during his visit to South Africa, went to Soweto, a landmark in the bloody uprising against apartheid, to honor South Africans “who answered the call of conscience” and defeated their country’s system of white supremacy.
1999 Mar 28 Venus Williams beat kid sister Serena 6-1, 4-6, 6-4 to win the Lipton Championships in the first all-sister women’s final in 115 years.
2000 Mar 28 In a unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court sharply curtailed police power to rely on anonymous tips to stop and search people.
2001 Mar 28 The EU expressed concern over Pres. Bush’s abandonment of the Kyoto Treaty for cutting carbon dioxide emissions.
2002 Mar 28 A US diplomat, reportedly the CIA station chief, was pulled from Belgrade following accusations that he was receiving military secrets.
2003 Mar 28 Chechen rebels killed six Russian soldiers and two riot police.
2004 Mar 28 France’s left-wing opposition bulldozed its way across the country in second-round midterm regional elections, putting pressure on President Jacques Chirac to revamp his Cabinet and perhaps even ditch his prime minister due to widely unpopular economic reforms and rising unemployment.
2005 Mar 28 The Colorado Supreme Court threw out the death penalty in a rape-and-murder case because five of the jurors had consulted the Bible and quoted Scripture during deliberations.
2006 Mar 28 President Bush announced that White House chief of staff Andy Card has resigned and will be replaced by budget director Joshua Bolten.
2007 Mar 28 In Afghanistan a suicide bomber trying to blend in with street beggars exploded himself near a top intelligence official in a crowded part of Kabul, killing four people.
2008 Mar 28 The US Transportation Security Administration said it will change they way its officers search passengers with body piercings after a Texas woman complained she was forced to remove a nipple ring with pliers in order to board an airplane.
2009 Mar 28 The space shuttle Discovery landed in Florida following a 13-day mission to the Int’l. Space Station (ISS).
2010 Mar 28 US federal agents in Ohio arrested 2 members Hutaree, a Christian militia group “preparing for end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive.” A 3rd person was arrested the next day in Indiana as part of an investigation led by the FBI in Michigan.
2011 Mar 28 President Barack Obama explained to a hesitant America why he launched the military assault in Libya.
2012 Mar 28 A coalition of environmental groups warned that some 200 critically-endangered orangutans in a protected area of Indonesia’s Aceh province will be wiped out by the end of the year if land clearing in Tripa Swamp is not stopped.
2013 Mar 28 The Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index hit an all-time high of 1569.19, surpassing the Oct 9,2007 high of 1565.15.
2014 Mar 28 President Barack Obama opened a fence-mending visit to Saudi Arabia, arriving in the oil-rich Gulf nation for meetings to reassure its elderly monarch of the US commitment to the Arab world.

Source: Timelines of History


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