1610 Feb 28 Thomas West, Baron de La Mar, was appointed governor of Virginia.
1638 Feb 28 Scottish Presbyterians signed the National Covenant at Greyfriars, Edinburgh.
1728 Feb 28 Georg F. Handel’s opera “Siroe, re di Persia,” premiered in London.
1862 Feb 28 Karl Goldmark’s opera “The Queen of Sheba,” premiered in Paris.
1871 Feb 28 The 2nd Enforcement Act set federal control of congressional elections.
1900 Feb 28 After a 119-day siege by the Boers, the English defenders of Ladysmith, under General Sir George White were relieved.
1924 Feb 28 U.S. troops were sent to Honduras to protect American interests during an election conflict.
1935 Feb 28 Nylon was discovered by Dr. Wallace H. Carothers.
1945 Feb 28 U.S. tanks broke the natural defense line west of the Rhine and crossed the Erft River.
1960 Feb 28 The Eighth Winter Olympic Games formally closed in Squaw Valley, Calif.
1971 Feb 28 The male electorate in Lichtenstein refused to give voting rights to women.
1974 Feb 28 The United States and Egypt re-established diplomatic relations after a seven-year break.
1978 Feb 28 Louise Woodward, the nanny who allegedly killed Matthew Eappen (1997) in Cambridge, Mass., was born in Elton, England.
1979 Feb 28 Ernest Thompson’s play “On Golden Pond,” premiered in NYC.
1983 Feb 28 The last episode of M*A*S*H was shown. A record 125 million made MASH the most watched TV show.
1988 Feb 28 The 15th Olympic Winter Games held its closing ceremony in Calgary, Canada.
1990 Feb 28 Space shuttle Atlantis blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Fla. on a secret mission to place a spy satellite in orbit.
1994 Feb 28 Brady Law, imposing a wait-period to buy a hand-gun, went into effect. It amended a 1968 law that prohibited felons from buying guns and imposed a 5-day waiting period for handgun purchases to allow for a criminal record check.
1995 Feb 28 U.S. Marines swept ashore in Somalia to protect retreating U.N. peacekeepers.
1996 Feb 28 Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill” won best rock album and album of the year at the Grammy Awards; Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose” won for record and song of the year.
1997 Feb 28 Brushing aside congressional calls for a tougher stance against Mexico, President Clinton recertified the country as a fully cooperating ally in the struggle against drug smuggling.
1999 Feb 28 A US air strike in Iraq was said to have damaged an oil pipeline, stopped the flow of oil and killed one Iraqi. The US denied the charges. Iraq claimed that a communications center for a major oil pipeline into Turkey was struck.
2000 Feb 28 In Massachusetts computer-industry publisher Patrick J. McGovern and his wife, Lore Harp McGovern, pledged a $350 million donation over 20 years to MIT to finance brain research.
2001 Feb 28 China ratified a UN-sponsored human rights treaty but backed away from a guarantee of workers rights.
2002 Feb 28 Dr. Ellen Feinberg (43) stabbed to death her 10-year-old son and wounded a younger son in Champaign, Ill.
2003 Feb 28 The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stood by its ruling that reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools was unconstitutional because of the words “under God.”
2004 Feb 28 The Bow Mariner, a tanker carrying 3.5 million gallons of ethanol, exploded and sank off Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Three crewmen were known dead and six others were rescued. 18 crew members were left missing.
2005 Feb 28 The US Mint began distributing new buffalo nickels to banks. The reverse side showed a bolder profile of Thomas Jefferson.
2006 Feb 28 The US Supreme Court voted 8-0 to bar the use of racketeering laws against antiabortion protesters.
2007 Feb 28 The US government said the nation has 754,000 homeless people, filling emergency shelters through the year and spilling into special seasonal shelters in the coldest months.
2007 Feb 28 In Kashmir Indian officials charged 7 policemen in Srinagar with murdering a man and claiming he was an Islamic militant, the first charges in an alleged plot by officers to kill innocent people and earn rewards.
2008 Feb 28 The Pew Center on the States reported that 1% of adult Americans are in jail or prison, an all-time high that cost state governments nearly $50 billion a year in addition to over $5 billion spent by the federal government. The US led the world in the percentage of residents incarcerated with China a distant second.
2009 Feb 28 In Louisiana 3 ½ years after Hurricane Katrina, the National Guard pulled the last of its troops out of New Orleans, leaving behind a city still desperate and dangerous.
2010 Feb 28 In Brazil workers cleared some 80 tons of dead fish from Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro. Increased levels of harmful algae were suspected as the cause of the fie-off.
2011 Feb 28 A Pentagon official said the US military is repositioning naval and air forces around Libya, as international demands intensify for an end to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s decades-long rule.
2012 Feb 28 In the US Republican primaries Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, won 41% to Rick Santorum’s 38% in Michigan. Romney won Arizona with 48% to Santorum’s 26%, with 76% of the vote counted.
2013 Feb 28 US Army Pvt. Bradley Manning (25), accused of providing secret documents to the WikiLeaks website, pleaded guilty to misusing classified material he felt “should become public,” but denied the top charge of aiding the enemy.
2014 Feb 28 In Michigan a Macomb County court convicted James Brown (25) in the killing of 4 women at his Sterling heights home in December, 2011. Their bodies were stuffed in car trunks and left miles away in a Detroit neighborhood.

Credit: Timelines of History

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