1286 Nov 22 Erik V Klipping (b.1249), king of Denmark, was murdered.
1493 Nov 22 Christopher Columbus arrived at Hispaniola on his 2nd voyage.
1497 Nov 22 Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama rounded the Cape of Good Hope.
1542 Nov 22 New laws were passed in Spain giving protection against the enslavement of Indians in America.
1594 Nov 22 Martin Frobisher, English vice-admiral and explorer, died.
1675 Nov 22 English king Charles II adjourned parliament.
1683 Nov 22 Purcell’s “Welcome to All the Pleasures,” premiered in London.
1757 Nov 22 Austrians defeated Prussians at Breslau in the Seven Years War.
1794 Nov 22 Strasbourg, Alsace-Lorraine, prohibited circumcision and the wearing of beards.
1799 Nov 22 Baroness van Dorth, organist, was executed.
1859 Nov 22 Ludwig “Louis” Spohr (75), German violinist and composer (Faust), died.
1864 Nov 22 Battle at Griswoldville, Georgia, ended after 650 casualties.
1898 Nov 22 Pietro Mascagni’s opera “Iris” premiered (Rome).
1902 Nov 22 Friedrich A. Krupp, cannon manufacturer, committed suicide.
1906 Nov 22 The “S-O-S” (SOS) distress signal was adopted at the International Radio Telegraphic Convention in Berlin.
1909 Nov 22 The Wright brothers formed a corporation for the commercial manufacture of airplanes. Cornelius Vanderbilt and other financiers backed them with one million dollars.
1915 Nov 22 The Anglo-Indian army, led by British General Sir Charles Townshend, attacked a larger Turkish force under General Nur-ud-Din at Ctesiphon, Iraq, but was repulsed.
1927 Nov 22 George Gershwin’s “Funny Face,” premiered in NYC.
1928 Nov 22 British King George was confined to bed with congested lung; the queen was to take over duties.
1931 Nov 22 Ferde Grofe’s “Grand Canyon Suite,” premiered.
1936 Nov 22 1,200 were killed in a battle between Japanese and Mongolians in China.
1941 Nov 22 Tom Conti, actor (Reuben Reuben, American Dreamer), was born in Paisley, Scotland.
1948 Nov 22 Ho Chi Minh’s Democratic Republic of Vietnam requested admittance to the UN.
1950 Nov 22 In New York 78 died in a train crash in Richmond Hills (later Kew Gardens), NY.
1954 Nov 22 Humane Society formed.
1955 Nov 22 Shemp Howard (60), comic of “Three Stooges” fame died in Hollywood.
1964 Nov 22 40,000 paid tribute to John F Kennedy at Arlington Cemetery on the first anniversary of his death.
1968 Nov 22 Beatles released their “Beatles,” (White Album) their only double album.
1969 Nov 22 Jonathan Beckwith and others of Harvard Univ. announced the isolation of a single gene of E. coli.
1971 Nov 22 Zez Confrey (b.1895), American composer and pianist, died. His compositions included “Kitten on the Keys” (1921) and “Dizzy Fingers” (1923).
1972 Nov 22 US ended a 22 year travel ban to China.
1973 Nov 22 Britain announced a plan for moderate Protestants and Catholics to share power in Northern Ireland.
1974 Nov 22 UN General Assembly recognized Palestine’s right to sovereignty and national independence.
1975 Nov 22 Juan Carlos was proclaimed king of Spain.
1977 Nov 22 Regular passenger service between New York and Europe on the supersonic Concorde began on a trial basis.
1980 Nov 22 Actress Mae West died in Hollywood at age 87.
1982 Nov 22 President Reagan called for defense-pact deployment of the MX missile.
1985 Nov 22 The largest US swearing-in ceremony took place as 38,648 immigrants become US citizens.
1986 Nov 22 Justice Department found a memo in Lt. Col. Oliver North’s office on the transfer of $12 million to contras from Iran arms sale.
1987 Nov 22 The government of Nicaragua released 985 political prisoners in a show of compliance with a Central American peace plan.
1989 Nov 22 The space shuttle Discovery blasted off at night.
1990 Nov 22 President Bush, his wife, Barbara, and top congressional leaders shared Thanksgiving dinner with US troops in Saudi Arabia.
1991 Nov 22 In an attempt to break a deadlock, the Bush administration proposed that Middle East peace talks resume in Washington, D.C.
1992 Nov 22 President-elect Bill Clinton met in Little Rock, Ark., with sometime-critic Jesse Jackson, who praised the future chief executive as a leader who could “make the nation whole.”
1993 Nov 22 Striking flight attendants at American Airlines called off their four-day job action after President Clinton helped broker an agreement to submit the dispute to binding arbitration.
1994 Nov 22 A gunman opened fire inside the District of Columbia’s police headquarters; the ensuing gun battle left two FBI agents, a city detective and the gunman dead.
1995 Nov 22 The Commerce Department reported the US trade deficit had narrowed to its lowest level in nine months.
1996 Nov 22 In France truckers continued their Operation Escargot strike for higher pay and earlier retirement for a 5th day.
1997 Nov 22 A 75 man team of U.N. weapons experts including 4 Americans returned to work in Iraq, searching eight sites for signs the Iraqis might have worked on biological, chemical or other banned arms during a three-week forced halt in inspections.
1998 Nov 22 In Albania the Socialist government claimed to win a referendum on the nation’s first post-Communist constitution.
1999 Nov 22 During a visit to the former communist country of Bulgaria, President Clinton promised tens of thousands of cheering Bulgarians in Sofia that “you too shall overcome” in their difficult struggle for democracy and prosperity.
2000 Nov 22 Dick Cheney, Republican vice-presidential nominee, suffered a minor heart attack.
2001 Nov 22 Stanford and UCSF researchers reported a long list of genes responsible for multiple schlerosis (MS).
2002 Nov 22 “Cupid’s Span,” a sculpture by Claes Oldenburg and his wife Coosje van Bruggen (d.2009 at 66), was set on the Embarcadero at the foot of the Bay Bridge.
2003 Nov 22 A Medicare prescription drug bill narrowly passed the House, 220-215, following a dusk-to-dawn debate.
2004 Nov 22 Pres. Bush traveled to Colombia following the summit in Chile.
2005 Nov 22 In Honduras officials raised the death toll from a tropical storm that hit over the weekend to 32 with 13 people missing.
2006 Nov 22 The U.S. Copyright Office said cell phone owners can now break locks to use their handsets with competing carriers, while film professors have the right to copy snippets from DVDs for educational compilations.
2007 Nov 22 The World Health Organization said nearly 400 people, mostly children, have fallen ill in Angola in what medical investigators suspect is an outbreak of bromide poisoning.
2008 Nov 22 The French Socialist Party said that Martine Aubry, the architect of France’s 35-hour work week, has won the party’s leadership in an extremely tight race, an outcome quickly challenged by partisans of rival Segolene Royal.
2009 Nov 22 Country crossover star Taylor Swift overshadowed the late Michael Jackson at the American Music Awards, winning five prizes including artist of the year.
2010 Nov 22 The US and its allies accused North Korea of being a danger to the region after it showed off its latest advances in uranium enrichment, but Washington said it was still open to talks.
2011 Nov 22 A British soldier was reported killed by an explosion in Afghanistan while on patrol in Central Helmand province.
2012 Nov 22 In Wheaton, Mo., 5 people, including a child, were killed when a fire broke out in an apartment building.
2013 Nov 22 President Barack Obama praised the “leadership” of Morocco’s King Mohammed VI after holding wide-ranging talks with the North African monarch for the first time at the White House.
2014 Nov 22 US Vice President Joe Biden announced nearly $135 million in humanitarian aid to help feed civilians affected by Syria’s war.

Source: Timelines of History


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