363 Jun 27 The death of Roman Emperor Julian brought an end to the Pagan Revival.
678 Jun 27 St. Agatho began his reign as Catholic Pope.
696 Jun 27 A Mayan ballcourt at Tonina was dedicated and sculptures, found in 2011, were created to commemorate the dedication.
1458 Jun 27 Alfonso V of Aragon died. Ferdinand I succeeded to the throne of Naples, but Pope Calixtus III declared the line of Aragon extinct and the kingdom a fief of the church.
1462 Jun 27 Louis XII, King of France (1498-1515), was born.
1550 Jun 27 Charles IX, king of France (1560-74), was born.
1580 Jun 27 Duke of Alba’s army occupied Portugal.
1652 Jun 27 New Amsterdam (later NYC) passed the 1st speed limit law in US.
1682 Jun 27 Charles XII (d.1718), King of Sweden (1697-1718), was born.
1693 Jun 27 The 1st woman’s magazine “The Ladies’ Mercury” was published in London.
1709 Jun 27 Russians under Peter the Great defeated the Swedes under Charles XII and Cossacks at the Battle of Poltava.
1743 Jun 27 King George of the English defeated the French at Dettingen, Bavaria. English armies were victorious over the French at Dettingen. This event was celebrated by Handel in his composition “Dettingen Te Deum.”
1776 Jun 27 Thomas Hickey, who plotted to hand George Washington over to British, was hanged.
1778 Jun 27 The Liberty Bell came home to Philadelphia after the British left.
1806 Jun 27 Buenos Aires was captured by British.
1838 Jun 27 Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Bengali novelist (Anandamath), was born.
1846 Jun 27 New York City and Boston were linked by telegraph wires.
1850 Jun 27 Lafcadio Hearn (d.1904), Irish-American journalist, author, was born in Greece.
1857 Jun 27 H. Goldschmidt discovered asteroid #45, Eugenia.
1862 Jun 27 Confederates broke through the Union lines at the Battle of Gaines’ Mill on the 3rd day of the Seven Days Battle in Virginia.
1863 Jun 27 There was a skirmish at Fairfax Courthouse in Virginia.
1864 Jun 27 General Sherman was repulsed by Confederates at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain in the Atlanta Campaign.
1867 Jun 27 The Bank of California opened its doors.
1869 Jun 27 Emma Goldman, Lithuanian born American anarchist, feminist and birth control advocate, was born. She was deported to the Soviet Union for inciting World War I draft riots in New York.
1871 Jun 27 The yen became the new form of currency in Japan.
1872 Jun 27 Paul Laurence Dunbar, African-American poet and writer, was born in Dayton, Ohio. His poems include “Oak and Ivory” and “Majors and Minors.”
1884 Jun 27 J. Palisa discovered asteroid #237, Coelestina.
1888 Jun 27 Antoinette Perry, actress and director, namesake of the “Tony” Awards, was born.
1893 Jun 27 The New York stock market crashed.
1898 Jun 27 Joshua Slocum (1844-1909) became the first person to sail single-handedly around the world. His voyage began on April 24, 1895 in Boston and ended on this day at Newport, Rhode Island.
1900 Jun 27 Otto E. Passman (Rep-D-La, 1947-77), was born.
1902 Jun 27 John Steinbeck (d.1968), American author, was born. “A man, after he has brushed off the dust and chips of his life, will have left only the hard, clean question: Was it good or was it evil? Have I done well — or ill?”
1904 Jun 27 The 2nd Fastnet Lighthouse was completed off of southwest Ireland.
1905 Jun 27 The battleship Potemkin succumbed to a mutiny on the Black Sea.
1907 Jun 27 Valerie Cossart (d.1994), actress (The Hartmans), was born in London.
1909 Jun 27 Gianandrea Gavazzeni, composer, conductor, was born.
1912 Jun 27 Audrey Christie, actress (Dorothy-Fair Exchange), was born in Chicago, Ill.
1913 Jun 27 Richard Bissell, novelist and playwright, was born.
1914 Jun 27 US signed a treaty of commerce with Ethiopia.
1915 Jun 27 In Fort Yukon, Alaska, a state record 100° F (38° C) was recorded.
1917 Jun 27 Hank Gowdy became the 1st baseball player to enter WW I military service.
1918 Jun 27 Two German pilots were saved by parachutes for the first time.
1920 Jun 27 I.A.L. Diamond, screenwriter, was born.
1922 Jun 27 George Walker, composer (In Praise of Lillies), was born in Washington, DC.
1923 Jun 27 Paul F. Conrad, cartoonist (Pulitzer 1964, 71, 84), was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
1923 Jun 27 Yugoslav Premier Nikola Pachitch was wounded by Serb attackers in Belgrade.
1926 Jun 27 Frank O’Hara (d.1966), American poet, was born in Baltimore. In 1998 David Lehman published “The Last Avant-Garde: The Making of the New York School of Poets.”
1927 Jun 27 The U.S. Marines adopted the English bulldog as their mascot.
1929 Jun 27 Pres. Von Hindenburg refused to pay the German debt of WW I.
1930 Jun 27 H. Ross Perot, Texas billionaire, was born.
1933 Jun 27 Gary Crosby, son of Bing, actor (Which Way to the Front), was born.
1934 Jun 27 Anna Moffo, soprano (Lucia, Traviata), was born in Wayne, Penn.
1937 Jun 27 Joseph P. Allen IV, PhD, astronaut (STS-5, STS 51A), was born in Crawfordsville, Ind.
1938 Jun 27 Bruce E. Babbitt (Gov-D-AL), was born.
1940 Jun 27 USSR returned to the Gregorian calendar.
1942 Jun 27 The Allied Convoy PQ-17 left Iceland for Murmansk and Archangel. As their escorts turned away, the ships of the doomed Allied convoy PQ-17 followed orders and began to disperse in the Arctic waters.
1944 Jun 27 During World War II, American forces completed their capture of the French port of Cherbourg from the Germans.
1945 Jun 27 Norma Kamali, dress designer (Costumes for the Wiz), was born in NYC.
1949 Jun 27 W. Baade discovered asteroid #1566, Icarus.
1950 Jun 27 Julia Duffy, actress (Stephanie-Newhart, Baby Talk), was born in Minneapolis, Minn.
1951 Jun 27 Ulf Andersson, International Chess Grandmaster (1972), was born in Sweden.
1953 Jun 27 Alice McDermott, writer (That Night, At Weddings and Wakes), was born.
1954 Jun 27 The 1st atomic power station opened near Moscow at Obninsk, Russia.
1955 Jun 27 Isabelle Adjani, actress (Story of Adele H, Driver, Ishtar), was born in Paris.
1956 Jun 27 Martin Luther King was the featured speaker at the NAACP convention held at the SF Civic Auditorium.
1957 Jun 27 More than 500 people were killed after Hurricane Audrey slammed through coastal Louisiana and Texas.
1958 Jun 27 Cuban rebel forces kidnapped 29 US sailors and Marines and held them until Jul 18.
1959 Jun 27 The play, “West Side Story” closed at Winter Garden Theater in NYC after 732 performances.
1960 Jun 27 Chlorophyll “A” was synthesized at Cambridge, Mass.
1962 Jun 27 NASA civilian pilot Joseph Walker took the X-15 to 6,606 kph, 37,700 m.
1963 Jun 27 Pres. Kennedy spent his 1st full day in Ireland.
1966 Jun 27 The 1st sci-fi soap opera, “Dark Shadows,” premiered.
1967 Jun 27 There was a race riot in Buffalo, NY, and 200 were arrested.
1968 Jun 27 The Czechoslovak parliament abolished censorship and provided for rehabilitation of political prisoners.
1969 Jun 27 The 3-day Denver Pop Festival opened. The peak attendance was estimated at 50,000.
1971 Jun 27 T. Smirnova, Russian born astronomer, discovered asteroid #2121, Sevastopol.
1973 Jun 27 Former White House counsel John W. Dean told the Senate Watergate Committee about an “enemies list” kept by the Nixon White House.
1974 Jun 27 Pres. Nixon arrived in Moscow for his 3rd summit. During the summit the US and Russia approved a partial atomic test ban treaty.
1975 Jun 27 Robert Stolz (b.1880), Austrian composer (Freuhling im Prater), died.
1976 Jun 27 An Air France Airbus flight AF139, from Tel Aviv to Paris, was hijacked shortly after departing Athens and taken to Uganda.
1977 Jun 27 The US Supreme Court struck, in Bates v. State Bar of Arizona, down state laws and bar association rules that had prohibited lawyers from advertising their fees for routine services.
1978 Jun 27 Soyuz 30 carried 2 cosmonauts (1 Polish) to the Salyut 6 space station.
1982 Jun 27 The Broadway show “Dancin'” closed at the Ambassador Theater after 1,774 performances.
1983 Jun 27 The Russian Soyuz T-9 spacecraft launched from Baikonur carrying 2 cosmonauts to the Salyut 7 space station.
1984 Jun 27 The US Supreme Court ended the NCAA monopoly on college football telecasts, ruling such control violated antitrust law.
1985 Jun 27 The U.S. House of Representatives voted to limit the use of combat troops in Nicaragua.
1986 Jun 27 US informed New Zealand it will not defend it against attack.
1987 Jun 27 The White House announced that a final analysis of two polyps removed from President Reagan’s colon showed they were benign.
1988 Jun 27 Fifty-seven people were killed in a train collision in Paris.
1989 Jun 27 President Bush, criticizing a Supreme Court decision upholding the right to desecrate the American flag as a form of political protest, called for a constitutional amendment to protect the Stars and Stripes.
1990 Jun 27 Salman Rushdie, condemned to death by Iran, contributed $8600 to help their earthquake victims.
1991 Jun 27 Cor Therapeutics went public and raised $15 million. In 1998 it received partial FDA clearance for Integrillin, an anti-clotting drug.
1992 Jun 27 Authorities found the body of kidnapped Exxon executive Sidney J. Reso buried in a makeshift grave in Bass River State Park in New Jersey. Arthur and Irene Seale, were later convicted and sentenced to prison for the crime.
1993 Jun 27 Actress Julia Roberts and singer Lyle Lovett were wed in Marion, Ind. The marriage ended in divorce.
1994 Jun 27 President Clinton replaced White House chief of staff Mack McLarty with budget director Leon Panetta.
1995 Jun 27 The space shuttle “Atlantis” blasted off on a historic flight to link up with Russia’s space station “Mir” and bring home American astronaut Norman Thagard.
1996 Jun 27 A report from London said that the British Library had acquired Buddhist texts that date back as early as the 2nd cent AD. The texts were believed to be part of the canon of the Sarvastivadin sect, which dominated Gandhara, now north Pakistan and east Afghanistan.
1997 Jun 27 It was reported that researchers have discovered the first defective gene that causes Parkinson’s disease. The mutated gene produces a defective version of the brain protein alpha synuclein.
1998 Jun 27 Heavy thunderstorms in the Northeast and Midwest left at least 5 people dead. The annual Ben & Jerry’s One World One Heart festival at Sugarbush, Vermont, was cancelled.
1999 Jun 27 Juli Inkster shot a 6-under 65 to win the LPGA Championship, becoming the second woman to win the modern career Grand Slam. The first was Pat Bradley.
2000 Jun 27 US House Republicans cut a deal to allow direct sales of food to Cuba for the first time in four decades.
2001 Jun 27 The Federal Reserve cut interest rates by one-quarter percent. to 3.75%.
2002 Jun 27 A US Air Force pilot was killed when his A10 “Warthog” crashed during a training mission in eastern France.
2003 Jun 27 The American public poured an avalanche of discontent into the new national do-not-call list (, registering over 735,000 phone numbers on the 1st day.
2004 Jun 27 In Lithuania Valdas Adamkus won the 2nd round of elections against center-left candidate Kazimira Prunskiene.
2005 Jun 27 The US Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that Kentucky cannot display framed copies of the Ten Commandments in county courthouses, and allowed the Texas statehouse to keep the commandments as part of a display on its grounds.
2006 Jun 27 A constitutional amendment to ban desecration of the American flag died in a US Senate cliffhanger, falling one vote short of the 67 needed to send it to states for ratification.
2007 Jun 27 Don Harvey and his wife, Joyce, of Oklahoma won a $105.8 million Powerball lottery. They chose to receive a $33.3 million lump sum after taxes instead of the full amount paid out over 29 years.
2008 Jun 27 Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton began their joint Democratic campaign In Unity, NH.
2009 Jun 27 In Los Angeles County a gunman opened fire outside a restaurant in Pico Rivera during a fundraiser by the motorcycle group know as the Old School Riders. 3 people were killed and 7 others injured.
2010 Jun 27 San Francisco held its 40th annual Gay Pride Parade undeterred by a fatal shooting the previous evening in the Castro neighborhood.
2011 Jun 27 The US Supreme Court refused to let California regulate the sale or rental of violent video games to children, saying governments do not have the power to “restrict the ideas to which children may be exposed” despite complaints about graphic violence.
2012 Jun 27 The US FDA approved Arena Pharmaceuticals’ anti-obesity pill Belviq, the first weight loss drug approved since 1999.
2013 Jun 27 Pres. Obama began an 8-day trip to Africa with a visit to Senegal.
2014 Jun 27 The United States announced its intention to join an international treaty banning land mines, without setting a time frame while working through possible complications on the Korean Peninsula.


Source: Timelines of History


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