1352 May 5 Ruprecht, Roman catholic German king, was born.
1382 May 5 In the Battle of Beverhoutsveld, Belgium, the population beat a drunken army.
1430 May 5 Jews were expelled from Speyer, Germany.
1504 May 5 Anton of Burgundy (~82), the Great Bastard, knight, died.
1640 May 5 English Short Parliament united.
1646 May 5 King Charles I surrendered at Scotland.
1775 May 5 Benjamin Franklin arrived in Philadelphia following almost a decade in Europe.
1809 May 5 Mary Kies was 1st woman issued a US patent (weaving straw).
1814 May 5 The British attacked Ft. Ontario, Oswego, New York.
1834 May 5 The first mainland railway line opened in Belgium.
1837 May 5 Niccolo Antonio Zingarelli (85), Italian composer, bandmaster, died.
1840 May 5 Matthaus Fischer (76), composer, died.
1854 May 5 English pirate Plumridge robbed along pro-English Finnish coast.
1855 May 5 NYC regained Castle Clinton. It would be used for immigration.
1861 May 5 CS troops abandon Alexandria, VA.
1864 May 5 Atlanta Campaign: 5 days fighting began at Rocky Face Ridge.
1864 May 5 Battle between Confederate & Union ships at mouth of Roanoke.
1866 May 5 Villagers in Waterloo, NY, held their 1st Memorial Day service. In 1966 Pres. Johnson gave Waterloo, NY, the distinction of holding the 1st Memorial Day. On Apr 13, 1862, volunteers led by Sarah J. Evans had paid homage to the graves of Civil War soldiers in the Washington area.
1881 May 5 Anti-Jewish rioting took place in Kiev, Ukraine.
1893 May 5 Panic hit the New York Stock Exchange; by year’s end, the country was in the throes of a severe depression.
1900 May 5 “The Billboard” began weekly publication.
1904 May 5 Denton True Young (Cy Young) of the Boston Red Sox pitched the American League’s first perfect game as the Boston Red Sox defeated the Philadelphia Athletics, 3-0.
1913 May 5 Tyrone Power, actor (Mark of Zorro, Alexander’s Ragtime Band), was born in Cleveland.
1915 May 5 German U-20 sank the Earl of Lathom.
1920 May 5 US Pres. Wilson made the Communist Labor Party illegal.
1922 May 5 Construction began on Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.
1924 May 5 Kate Claxton (b.1850), NYC theater actress, died.
1926 May 5 Sinclair Lewis refused his Pulitzer Prize for “Arrowsmith.”
1927 May 5 Dmitri Shostakovitch’ 1st Symphony, premiered in Berlin.
1936 May 5 Italian troops occupied Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
1940 May 5 Norwegian government in exile formed in London.
1941 May 5 A Pulitzer prize was awarded to Robert E Sherwood (There shall be no night).
1942 May 5 Tammy Wynette, country singer (Stand by your Man), was born in Redbay, Alabama.
1943 May 5 Postmaster General Frank C. Walker invented the Postal Zone System.
1945 May 5 The 761st Tank Battalion, an all black unit under Gen. Patton, linked with Russian allies near Steyr, Austria.
1947 May 5 Pulitzer prize was awarded to Robert Penn Warren (All the King’s Men).
1948 May 5 Japan’s Children’s Day became a National Holiday.
1952 May 5 A Pulitzer prize awarded to Herman Wouk (Caine Mutiny).
1955 May 5 The baseball musical “Damn Yankees” opened on Broadway. It was produced by George Abbott and Douglass Wallop and ran for 1022 performances. Ray Walston played the devil in the play and the 1958 movie.
1955 May 5 West Germany became a sovereign state.
1955 May 5 India’s parliament accepted Hindu divorce.
1958 May 5 The Arkansas Gazette received the Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the Little Rock Central High School integration crisis; James Agee was posthumously honored for his novel “A Death in the Family.”
1964 May 5 Separatists rioted in Quebec.
1972 May 5 Alitalia’s DC-8 Flight 112 crashed west of Palermo, Sicily; killing 115.
1975 May 5 Michael Shaara won Pulitzer Prize in fiction for his novel “Killer Angels.”
1977 May 5 Ludwig Erhard (b.1897)), German minister of Economic Affairs (CDU), died.
1979 May 5 The recording “In The Navy” by The Village People reached #9 on the pop singles chart.
1982 May 5 Janet Smith, a secretary, was injured when a bomb package was opened at Vanderbilt Univ.
1987 May 5 The US federal government began a yearlong amnesty program, offering citizenship to illegal immigrants who met certain conditions.
1990 May 5 “Unbridled” won the 116th running of the Kentucky Derby.
1992 May 5 President Bush and Democrat Bill Clinton picked up primary victories in Indiana, North Carolina and the District of Columbia.
1994 May 5 Labour beat the Conservatives in British local elections.
1995 May 5 As rescue workers ended their search for bodies in the Oklahoma City bombing, President Clinton denounced self-styled anti-government militias, saying, “How dare you call yourselves patriots and heroes.”
1996 May 5 In Alaska at the Nenana Ice Classic, 12 winners guessed the movement of ice on the Tanana River at 12:32 p.m. and split the $300,000 jackpot.
1997 May 5 American Airlines’ pilots ratified a contract, ending nearly three years of negotiations.
1998 May 5 In Indonesia thousands of people clashed with police in Medan in protests as big increases in the price of gasoline and other essentials went into effect under an IMF bailout plan.
1999 May 5 AT&T agreed to buy MediaOne for $58 billion.
2000 May 5 President Clinton met at the White House with Japan’s new prime minister, Yoshiro Mori.
2001 May 5 “Monarchos” won the Kentucky Derby.
2002 May 5 George Sidney (85), film director, died in Las Vegas. He was president of the Screen Directors Guild (1951-1959) and the Directors Guild of America (1961-1967).
2003 May 5 Tornadoes across Missouri, Kansas and Tennessee left at least 40 people dead. Tornado-packed storms flattened communities in four Midwestern states, killing 19 people.
2004 May 5 Pres. Bush gave interviews to 2 Arab-language networks saying he and the American people were appalled by the revelations of prisoner mistreatment in Iraq.
2005 May 5 President Bush met with Nigerian Pres. Olusegun Obasanjo. They discussed oil and Obasanjo said he would explore how to address US concerns that former Liberian President Charles Taylor be brought to justice.
2006 May 5 CIA Director Porter Goss resigned in a second-term shake-up of President Bush’s team.
2007 May 5 Street Sense roared from next-to-last in a 20-horse field to win the Kentucky Derby.
2008 May 5 Oil futures hit a trading record of $120.36 before closing at a record $119.97.
2009 May 5 Israeli authorities arrested two Palestinians who tried to sell a looted 1,900-year-old papyrus document in Hebrew worth millions of dollars.
2010 May 5 The US Coast Guard said BP PLC has managed to cap one of three leaks at a deepwater oil well, but the work is not expected to reduce the overall flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The well has been spewing at least 210,000 gallons per day since an April 20 explosion at a rig 50 miles off Louisiana.
2011 May 5 US Government engineers blew up a third section of a Mississippi River levee to manage flooding, as a wall of water roared down the nation’s largest river system, threatening towns and cities all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.
2012 May 5 Five accused 9/11 plotters, including self-confessed mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, appeared before a military court on charges of planning the deadliest attack on US soil.
2013 May 5 A new jihadi magazine, set up by militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan, appealed to Muslims around the world to come up with technology to hack into or manipulate drones, describing this as one of their most important priorities.

Source: Timelines of History


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