1604 May 4 Claudio Merulo (71), Italian organist, composer, died.
1715 May 4 A French manufacturer debuted the first folding umbrella.
1728 May 4 George F. Handel’s opera “Tolomeo, re di Egitto,” premiered in London.
1752 May 4 Pieter Snyers (71), Flemish painter, engraver, died.
1795 May 4 Thousands of rioters entered jails in Lyons, France, and massacred 99 Jacobin prisoners.
1814 May 4 Bourbon reign was restored in France. Louis XVIII was crowned as successor to his guillotined brother.
1855 May 4 Camille Pleyel (66), Austrian piano builder, composer, died.
1858 May 4 In the Mexican War of Reform liberals established their capital at Vera Cruz.
1862 May 4 Battle at Williamsburg, Virginia.
1863 May 4 Battle of Chancellorsville ended when the Union Army retreated.
1865 May 4 Battle of Mobile, AL.
1904 May 4 The United States took over construction of the Panama Canal.
1910 May 4 Tel Aviv was founded.
1923 May 4 In Vienna, Austria, bloody street battles took place between Nazis, socialists and police.
1924 May 4 Fascists and communists gained power in the German Republic elections.
1933 May 4 Pulitzer prize was awarded to Archibald Macleish (Conquistador).
1938 May 4 Douglas Hyde, a protestant, became the 1st president of Eire.
1942 May 4 The U.S. began food rationing.
1946 May 4 A two-day riot at Alcatraz prison in San Francisco Bay ended after five people were killed.
1948 May 4 The Hague Court of Justice convicted Hans Rauter (SS) of war crimes.
1953 May 4 Pulitzer prize was awarded to E. Hemingway (Old Man & The Sea).
1955 May 4 Georges Enescu (73), Romanian-French violist, composer (Oedipe), died.
1957 May 4 The Anne Frank Foundation formed in Amsterdam.
1959 May 4 Randy Travis, country singer (Diggin’ Up Bones), was born in Marshville, NC.
1965 May 4 Willie Mays hit his 512th HR and broke Mel Ott’s 511 NL record.
1968 May 4 Ismael Valenzuela (1935-2009) rode Forward Pass to victory in the Kentucky Derby.
1976 May 4 Australian PM Malcolm Fraser announced that “Waltzing Matilda” would serve as his country’s national anthem at the upcoming Olympic Games.
1977 May 4 A large tornado swept through Pleasant Hill, Mo., hitting the city’s high school and grade school. Only minor injuries occurred due to superb tornado warnings and drills
1979 May 4 Margaret Thatcher (b.1925), leader of the Conservative Party, was sworn in as Britain’s first female prime minister. She continued in office for 3 terms until 1990.
1987 May 4 Pope John Paul II ended his five-day visit to West Germany with a call for religious freedom in the Soviet bloc and praise for those who had opposed the “mass hysteria and propaganda” of the Nazi era.
1988 May 4 As a year-long amnesty program for certain illegal aliens in the United States came to a close, thousands of applicants lined up nationwide on the last day.
1989 May 4 The US launched its Magellan spacecraft to Venus.
1990 May 4 Latvia’s parliament voted 138-0 (1 abstention) for Independence. The Russophone Ravnopraviye (Equal Rights Movement) boycotted this resolution by walking out of parliament.
1991 May 4 Morris K. Udall (d.1998), (Rep-D-Ariz), resigned due to Parkinson’s disease.
1992 May 4 Democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton toured riot-ravaged Los Angeles streets, blaming the destruction on what he called 12 years of Republican neglect.
1993 May 4 The United States handed over control of the relief effort in Somalia to the United Nations.
1996 May 4 Grindstone won the Kentucky Derby, giving trainer D. Wayne Lukas a sixth straight victory in a Triple Crown race. Grindstone was injured ahead of the Preakness and retired.
1998 May 4 The FDA approved the first commercial surgical glue, Tisseel, made by Baxter Labs.
1999 May 4 Pres. Clinton authorized a Congressional Gold Medal for Rosa Parks.
2000 May 4 Congo agreed to cooperate with UN plans for a 5,500 member observer force to monitor the cease-fire.
2001 May 4 US experts, following 3 days of inspections, said the US spy plane on China’s Hainan Island could be repaired and flown home.
2002 May 4 War Emblem, a 20-1 shot, scored a down-to-the-wire, four-length victory over Proud Citizen in the Kentucky Derby.
2003 May 4 Idaho Gem, the 1st cloned mule, was born at the Univ. of Idaho.
2004 May 4 The US Army disclosed that the deaths of 10 prisoners and abuse of 10 more in Iraq and Afghanistan were under criminal investigation, as US commanders in Baghdad announced interrogation changes.
2004 May 4 Oil prices for June delivery rose to $38.98 a barrel.
2005 May 4 Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said he is freezing the handover of West Bank towns to Palestinian security control because the Palestinians have failed to honor their promise to disarm militants.
2006 May 4 Just before dawn hundreds of law enforcement officials fired tear gas and crashed through human barricades to take control of San Salvador Atenco, a rebellious town outside Mexico City, hours after protesters released six badly beaten police hostages.
2007 May 4 In Somalia Mohamed Dheere, a former warlord, was sworn in as mayor of Mogadishu and immediately ordered residents to get rid of their weapons. Aid groups said 1,670 people were killed between March 12 and April 26 and more than 340,000 of the city’s 2 million residents fled for safety as the government, backed by Ethiopian troops, pressed to wipe out an Islamic insurgency.
2008 May 4 In Japan thousands of activists, artists and scholars gathered for an international peace conference outside Tokyo, vowing to promote the Japanese Constitution’s war-renouncing Article 9 as a global standard and prevent the clause from being weakened.
2009 May 4 Australia’s government put back its much-vaunted carbon-emissions trading scheme by a year, bowing to industry demands for more relief amid a recession while opening the door to an even deeper long-term reduction.
2010 May 4 In Mexico two Colombians were arrested at Mexico City’s international airport as they allegedly prepared to board a flight to Panama trying to smuggle out more than $350,000 in cash in various currencies.
2011 May 4 In Egypt hundreds of diehard supporters of ousted president Hosni Mubarak clashed with his foes in central Cairo leaving dozens injured.
2012 May 4 In India a Reliance company executive said the government has asked the energy giant to pay a $1.25 billion penalty for a fall in gas production from its main oil fields.
2013 May 4 In the SF Bay Area a stretch limo caught fire on the San Mateo Bridge. The driver and 4 women in a bridal party escaped, but 5 others, including the bride, died in the fire.
2014 May 4 Chinese Premier Li Keqiang set off for a four-country tour of Africa (Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola and Kenya), acknowledging “growing pains” in China-Africa relations amid labor conflicts and other problems stemming from Chinese investment.

Source: Timelines of History


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