At the memorial event of a firefighter on Saturday, 32 people were rushed to the hospital after the second-story deck of a Montana lodge in Glacier Presbyterian Camp collapse. This was reported by the authority.

After the collapse of the deck, 6 people were transported by helicopter to the hospital, 5 people are in critical condition, but as at 7p.m on Saturday all the patient are reported to be in a stable condition. Those injured range from children to elderly, said the Somers Rural Fire Department

50 people gathered to remember the longtime Flathead Valley Firefighter, William Nickel who died in April

“I was on the deck when it collapsed, and I had bruises but some of my friends were rushed to the hospital”, Leslie Dillon reported to the Daily Inter Lake.

The emergency crew did a great job, said Bell. When I arrived at the scene, I saw the emergency crew trying to get the injured people stabilized by either wrapping someone’s knee or controlling bleeding on someone’s head.

It was also reported that Glacier Presbyterian Camp experienced another collapse a year ago during a party at a private residence were 20 people were involved.


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