Warnings are repeatedly given to the military against any attempt to topple the democratic government, in view of ongoing inflammatory statements made by a cross section of the country.


The Pastor of Latter Rain Assembly, Tunde Bakare, gave the latest warning in a Sunday sermon he delivered at the Church, urging those behind such acts to stop and abide by constitutional provisions.


On the part of the military, he said it should not try any coup detat, an action he threatened to fight against with the support of Nigerians.


Titled “The Birth Pang to a New Nigeria,” the sermon by Pastor Bakare identified the unhealthy means adopted by politicians to weaken the constitution in order to assume power at all cost.


He said the recent political state is giving off signals that the country is gradually nearing danger, as it had been in the past.


Pastor Bakare was of the opinion that the constitution should be followed in a situation of succession, however, he was concerned with the role played by those meddling in the country’s journey to rebirth.


He said in detail: “Whenever leaders serve with a weak energy, leadership vacuum will be created. Since nature abhors vacuum the country will face setbacks.


“Those trying to undermine the country are like Adonijah and Absalom whose inordinate ambitions set them against their father, King David and the people of Israel.


“If the President is very healthy and able to discharge his duties, there will be no room for Absalom and Adonijah.


“So anyone with inordinate ambition is an Absalom. Those who don’t learn from history are Adonijah.

Adonijah did not learn from what happened to Absalom and he came to wrong conclusion.


“Do not forget that we have constitution in this country, as bad as the constitution is, as unacceptable as it appears, as full of pot holes as it may be, it is still the constitution of Nigeria and certain things are stipulated there.


“In the light of the fact that the President cannot discharge his duties, he must transit power to the Vice President of this country. This President has never led without transmitting that power.


“And if you want to know whether the President has not recover, I said during this sermon that the country was in the path of recovery, give him chance. Niger Republic has not seen their President for a while. Nigeria needs an energetic leader, the circumstances of our polity has brought us to where we are.


“The man is in the intensive care unit and the doctor treating him are wishing well. So, you don’t know who will die first. If God sent Isaiah to go and tell Ezekaiah that he added 15 years to his life, there is no king as God. He is the one who can determine who will live and who will die. Nobody should wish another person death. That will plunge the country into disaster.”


“Look at what the military did to Nigeria, they have no respect for democracy. I have said I will march no more, I will mobilise all the forces against military incursion in the polity if it happen again because they will be taking us back into the dark days.


“As terrible or as bad as the USA President Donald Trump is, the military did not threaten him. Whether he had majority or not, he went through election as so he is treated as the USA President.”

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