According to NOI Polls Limited, a significant number of Nigerians are of the opinion that the quality of parental care in the country is poor.
These Nigerians supported their opinion with observations such as poor morals and home training (41 percent), as well as poor disciplinary standards (16 percent) which are becoming commonplace in Nigerian homes; while also stating that parents often lack the financial strength (14 percent) to support quality child upbringing.
About 3 in 10 (34 percent) rated parental care as average, pointing out the busy schedule of parents (34 percent), harsh economic situation (17 percent), and lack of financial strength (16 percent), among others for an average rating.
Further discoveries show that the top five areas where Nigerian parents are considered to be lacking in parental care are: home training/morals (47 percent), discipline (33 percent), educational motivation/stimulation (29 percent), societal interaction (14 percent) and language, culture and ethnic values (12 percent).
However, 78 percent of the parents are willing to support the enforcement of policies to set standards for child upbringing in the country, especially in the area of basic education (73 percent) for the average Nigerian child.
‘This is no surprise given the decline in the nation’s education system proven by its failure to attain any of the global education goals for 2015,’ NOI Polls added.

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