Residents of Alagbado Community in Ilorin have been ordered by the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) to leave the land they illegally occupy.

NAF Coordinator, 303 Medium Airlift Group (MAG) made this known to newsmen in Ilorin Thursday that the Air force is the rightful owner of the land allocated to it in 1987.

The land chart was presented to newsmen by Adeniyi, who said that 20 of the 220 acres of the land was encroached by the community.

He recounted his effort as part of a delegation who paid a visit to Alagbado in 2010 to inform the community that the land belonged to NAF.

“Take it or leave it, the land belongs to the NAF; it has been so as far back as 1987 as you can see in the chart.

“They started encroaching on the land since 2008 and in 2010, I was part of the NAF team that went to the community to inform them of the encroachment,” Adeniyi said.

Alhaji Abdulrahim Bakare, who is a community leader said that he was not aware that the Nigerian Air Force owns the land.

“I was born in this community and we have had four generations before I became the Mogaji (village head), I was not aware that the land belongs to NAF.

“We are appealing to NAF to consider those who have erected structures on the land before taking any action on the matter,” the community leader pleaded.

Bakare said demolition of some building structures and other property in the community had already being carried out by NAF officials.

“We were surprised to see bulldozers and we learnt that NAF want to fence the land,” he remarked.

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