Every now and then, football throws up a story that seems magical for fans to enjoy. You don’t really believe that these stories are for real because they are not normal. We as fans all have our different fantasies when we go into every football season. For example, Nigerians want the Super Eagles to win the FIFA World Cup (stop laughing), England fans want to win any international trophy, Arsenal fans want to win Champions League (it’s not funny…don’t be mean), Manchester United want to win the treble (again) and so on…the list goes on and on (depending on what alcohol you’re drinking lol). But then, sometimes, these dreams actually come true and once they do, you start to believe in miracles. Take Leicester City for instance. Their fans would have wanted them to win the league but they didn’t ACTUALLY believe it would happen…but it did. Great story. I’d say it comes once in a while but if you check the Nigerian NPL right now, something similar is happening.

2 points off the top of the standings is a team that NOBODY is expecting to challenge for the title this season (and no, it’s not El Kameni). MFM FC are giving top NPL dogs a run for their money in the hunt for the NPL title. I know I’m not the only one finding it amusing but I know I’m also not the only one loving how this story is building up. As it stands, the team is about 15 points from matching their points tally for the WHOLE of last season (they finished with 45 points).

There are similarities between Leicester and MFM. First off, both teams narrowly missed out on relegation just after being promoted to the top flight. Both relied on fine margins to stay in the league (e.g goal difference kept MFM up ahead of Warri Wolves). It was a constant battle for both teams to stay in the league but in the end, they managed to gain some momentum that helped start the next season in a much better fashion.

Next up, in both teams, you have an incredible striking combination that is just clicking at will. Just like Vardy and Mahrez, Odey and Olatunbosun are simply looking like brothers from different mothers. The link up is so good, you have to pinch yourself sometimes to remember…that you have rice boiling on the gas cooker and Supersport can always show the match again. Odey has already scored more than 10 goals this season making him the star man (like Vardy) and Olatunbosun is a superstar in his own right (just look at that goal against Enugu Rangers).

Another thing to note is that MFM is messing with the big boys now and it’s really good to watch. Watching them going up against Enugu Rangers, Plateau United and even Kano Pillars (and winning) has been refreshing, which is what makes me believe that there is something special happening at MFM FC. In each of their matches this season, they’ve shown a willingness to fight in every game (just like Leicester City). They are fearless and are not afraid of failing…at least not at the moment.

Sure there will be doubts about if they keep it up till the end of the season; they’ve taken heavy defeats from 3SC and FC Ifeanyi Ubah but that should not derail us from looking at what has been a great season for MFM. Only time will tell if Odey breaks Mfon Udoh’s record of 23 goals for the season or if MFM get overawed by what they are close to achieving. However, having gone 17 matches with few setbacks, anything is possible for those guys. Can I get a ‘HOLY GHOOOOOST FIRE!!!’???


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