It will be a miracle if other survivors of the London fire are rescued after at least 12 people have been reported dead as a result of the fire, London fire Commissioner said. The authorities said they are expecting many more victims.

No one else is expected to be found alive after the London fire, Dany Cotton told Sky news, and the cause of the fire can’t be known this early.

There has been a search for fingertip on the edge of the building after the fire has been successfully extinguished, Cotton reported on Thursday

There have been a large number of donations given to the victims of the London fire which left the Community center surprise. The Churches and Mosques have started rejecting new donations because they have surplus of foods, cloths, shoes and other items.

Dozens of people have been hospitalized, while at least 12 are reported dead in the London fire. The posters of those missing have been pasted throughout the north London neighborhood of North Kensington. Free foods has also been donated to the fire survivor by celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver.



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