The largest rebel group in Colombia, the FARC rebels, said they have surrendered more than 30% of their weapons to United Nations monitors, in line with existing peace deal reached the previous year.


This is the beginning of a disarmament process which will see the group hand over set of arms next Wednesday to be followed with the remaining in two weeks’ time.


The surrendered weapons will be in custody in 26 locations within the country.
Recent agreement between the government and the largest rebels in the country was a product of years of dialogue and has put an end to 50 years of war.


The disarmament was necessary and it saw the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) surrender 7,000 rifles and pistols, to enable them become a political party.


Rodrigo Londoño Echeverri, aka Timochenko, who is the leader of the rebel group on Wednesday, declared the news of arms surrender on social media. The Colombian government and UN representatives have confirmed the development.


A new deadline of June 20 was given for total disarmament of the Farc rebels after the earlier one expired on May 30.

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