The wife of Lagos State Governor, Mrs Bolanle Ambode has been vindicated in the latest sack of the former Chaplain of Chapel of Christ, The Light, Ikeja by the Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN).

The Christian body held that the sack of Venerable Femi Taiwo was appropriate since the chaplain and his lieutenant were appointed by the state government.

The decision to lay off the former Chaplain was reached on May 15 after it was gathered that he disrespected the governor’s wife during an anointing service which held on Sunday May 14, 2017. The chaplain however was issued a 24-hour notice to evacuate his belonging from the Chapel.

The CAN Chairman, Lagos State Chapter, Apostle Alexander Bamgbola said the issue was twisted out of its true state. This he said at a press conference at the Chapel of Christ, The Light Auditorium.

“We believe that CAN Lagos State must make clarification and educate the public correctly on this matter; having looked into the matter objectively, the Chapel of Christ The Light was built by the Lagos State Government for itself, families of Christian employees and the public at large…The State Government also created a standing legal constitution for the Chapel. By this Constitution, there is a Governing Council of the Chapel which reports to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Council has the responsibility to recruit or terminate two officers who run the Chapel and the titles are the Presiding Chaplain who is the senior minister and the Chaplain who is the deputy, so the Presiding Chaplain and the Chaplain are officers of the Chapel and officers of the government of Lagos State, hence it should be known to the general public that these two officers who run the Chapel are strictly employees of the state government and are subject to its terms and conditions,” Apostle Bamgbola explained.

Apostle Bamgbola said the allegation levied against Mrs Ambode was far from the truth.

“Deaconess Bolanle Ambode as far as we know is a true woman of God who fears God and lives a godly life,” he said.

The Secretary-General of CAN, Dr Israel Akinadewo however said treating issues of this nature on the pages of newspapers is not in conformity with the ideals of the Christian body.

He then maintained that the relieved clergyman is still a member of the Christian body hence, enjoined the aggrieved public to allow the Christian family resolve its matter without any interference.

“It is quite unfortunate that this matter got to the press, there is no officer of the Chapel that does not belong to any block of CAN, so this is a matter among the children of Christian leaders which as far as we are concerned has been taken out of context, matters concerning the Church are treated within the confinement of the church; Venerable Femi Taiwo is our own and God will continue to elevate him,” Dr Akinadewo said.

The Lagos State Ministry of Home Affairs superintends the Chapel of Christ, The Light, while the Church is being supervised by the Office of the Lagos State First Lady.

The first lady was not accorded precedence during the May 14 anointing service celebrated by the former chaplain, an action which kept the governor’s wife waiting for long in company of her entourage.

The purported disregard earned the clergyman an eviction letter signed by the Chairman of the Governing Council of CCTL, Mr Olugbenga Solomon the day after.

Same letter however gave the right of substantive Chaplain to Very Reverend Ayo Oyadotun with an immediate effect.

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