When news men paid a visit to the Nigerian ambassador to the court of St. James’s at his official residence, with the overall purpose of finding out the latest about President Buhari, they were met with sealed lips and frowned faces.

“Can you please leave? Stop pressing that buzzer, please. We don’t have information that you are coming, and if you want any appointment with the President, go to the High Commission,” a security staff said before signing off duty at 3:00pm.

Apart from one or two aides who obliged news men with a nod here and a word there, others just responded with blank expressions, rubbishing the return date of around June 12, which a former governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, recently announced.

The conspiracy of silence and secrecy unfolded as follows. At about 2.48pm, when two young men who came visiting were questioned by the news men as they waited for their host, they claimed to have had no idea if the president was in there, much less the state of his recovery.

Pressed further for comments on the date Kalu had mentioned, one of them instantly changed his mood and snapped, saying: ‘l don’t know you, l’ve only just met you here and you’re asking me all these questions.”




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