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The Bicycle

Do you recall the first time you were taught how to ride a bicycle? Initially, it might appear a difficult task, but over time after several attempts, you learnt to ride smoothly without any help. You will recall that when learning to ride a bicycle, you were told to always look forward. Riding a bicycle is an important metaphor about life in general! When you ride a bicycle, you were told when you were learning not to look down. You will recall the moment you look at the pedals you tend to want to fall because you have lost...

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Rethinking Independent Candidacy

Several scholars have defined politics as the struggle for power within and among groups. The key words here are “power” and “groups”. The concept of power is central to political discuss so this writer will take it as given but my emphasis in this article will be on groups. The emphasis on groups is what brought me into strong disagreement with the proponents of independent candidacy. An independent, candidate is one who seeks election or re-election into an office on “write-in” vote or without been sponsored or endorsed by a registered political party. The primary assumption of its proponents...

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Perspectives On Leadership

The English have a saying, “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.” This should be reframed “Show me your leader and I will tell you the follower you are.” This shows that leaders and followers co-create each other. There can be no leadership without followership and the reverse is also true. In his book, The Wretched of the Earth, the French-born Algerian statesman, Frantz Fanon argued that ultimately, the people get the kind of leaders they deserve; and the leaders deserve the kind of followers they get. After all, a leader is anyone called...

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