Amnesty International (AI)on Wednesday slammed India over intolerance and religious violence and criticised its arbitrary arrests, caste-based discrimination, and extra-judicial killings in the country.


AI revealed in London that religious tensions and attacks on freedom of expression increased under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration.


The human rights groups exposed in its annual report that the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party government, failed to prevent hundreds of incidents of communal violence, usually between majority Hindus and the minority Muslims.


The group said, “Censorship and attacks on freedom of expression by hardline Hindu groups grew.”


The report also said that scores of artists, writers and scientists, returned the national honours that were given to them in protest against what they said was a climate of growing intolerance.


The group also said: “Indian intellectuals protested after the murders of two rationalist writers and killings of four men over rumours of cow slaughter.


The cow is regarded as holy by the Hindus.


It also maintained that Prime Minister Modi, has been criticised for not taking a strong standpoint against religiously-motivated violence, but continues to blame anti-government propaganda and efforts to defame him.


AI also expressed concern over incidents of violence against low-caste groups and tribals, noting that 58,000 crimes against these communities were reported in 2014.


Indian parliament was repeatedly stalled on Wednesday due to opposition protests over the death of a student who faced caste-discrimination. The report was presented to the parliament on the same day.


The report added that there has been series of protests in Delhi by students and opposition parties, accusing the BJP of crushing dissent.


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