Chelsea will face Burnley in the 2017/2018 Premier League season, being the first opponents, while the league champions wait to have Tottenham at its temporary home in Wembley, the incoming season’s fixture reveals on Wednesday.

Recall Spurs lost few of its league matches at Wembley against Chelsea during the FA Cup semi-final, a couple other home matches of the European Championship at same venue instead of White Hart Lane, reason being that it is building a new home ground in north London.

Burnley is set to take on the Blues away from home, when the new season resumes, come the first weekend August 12/13 2017.

Chelsea has long kept a clean sheet with the first opening match of the season since 1998 when it lost to Coventry, hence, Burnley has an axe to grind.


However, Liverpool is pitched against Arsenal and Manchester City on the third and fourth week of the league campaign.

Arsenal will wait a week after to meet with Chelsea and Arsene Wenger has to prove his worth to appease the fans who have been unsettled for quite some time in the course of the journey of last season’s campaign.

This will take place January 1 and both teams have four matches to play during the Christmas-New Year season.

Arsenal, of course, has Leicester to contend with at the Emirates in its opening match of the Europa League since 1999/2000 season when both teams met. The Gunners went on to the final but lost to Galatasaray of Turkey.

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